War or peace.

Ewan ko bakit tayong Filipino ay dapat magpatayan dahil sa ating iba’t ibang paniniwala. Ideological, kaisipan o relihiyon. Can we embrace oneness for our love to our country. We have seen what is happening in Iraq. They are killing each other because of Isis. With the recent encounter between PNP SAF officers and men with our muslim brothers. It just bleed my heart so with the families of those wounded and killed on both sides. When will this end the Ambush, retaliation, evacuation, bombing, kidnapping, murder. mass murder. We need to deeply reflect on what we want. War or peace. Wanting to inflict pain among our brother filipinos. What does our school need to teach us. That we should love one another. What does our church, our leaders, our priest our muslim elders must teach our youth. Love one another. What happen in Zamboanga can happen again elsewhere. Until now people there are suffering. Christian and Muslim alike. Are there winners in this war. Yes the maker of our weapons. The leaders on both sides who get support monetarily to wage this war. Who are the losers. Those children who lost their father, mother, brother and other members of the family. They will never be complete. Looking at the profile of our Muslim youth fighters. They are the same Juan de la cruz who go to school and colleges. They have their dream to raise their own families. They have their own babies. Girlfriends and families. I saw their arms. On my, it’s different, more powerful than what our SAF have. What do they have in their fight. The Koran. This is a reality. We have an extremist jihad that is a killing machine. Win them back or loose our country. That should be the mindset of each one in the peace process panel. If we continue to allow the extremist to thrive in our communities we need to think again. This will not work. To end this war. We need to embrace political, ideological and spiritual oneness. We need to change our mindset on what we see among our Filipino brothers. Who are the enemies. Sila bang katulad mo Juan de la cruz, mga classmates mo. Kapitbahay mo na may ibang relihiyon at paniniwala o kaya ang pamahalaan at ang sambayan na dyan kadamay natin pag may kalamidad. You are in you own community, you work, you go to school like every other kids. That is freedom. kalaban mo ay ang sarile mo na nagsasabing ako ay Tama. Tamang pumatay sa ating kapwang filipino. Learn from the experience in Syria, Iraq, their land is full of blood. Have mercy on them. As what the Pope said let us pray for one another. Be an instrument of peace


Doing Good


How could you give something what you do not have. This is very important in getting your self involve in a cause of sharing yourself to others. By saying I am. It is a answering to the call of the Lord. You are blessed in your heart.


Generosity, compassion, sacrifice and love are all rooted in a pure heart. How could we love at the same time hate. Let us all work taking off the pains, the hurts, anger that is still within us. it may be hard, but then we should pray harder to seek inner peace by praying for forgiveness  and for healing. How could we pray for others when we don’t pray at all.  It is without saying if truly wants to have a good relationship with our husband or wife, friends, family and neighbors  it should start from us. investing Love in our hearts. Pure heart.  Putting Jesus in our hearts.  Knowing Him and sharing His goodness to others.

FROM THE BOOK COMMUNION OF SAINTS. To be human is to hear God’s call in the depths of our being in what scripture calls our Heart.  He call us in a vocation to cooperate more progressively by the power of HIs Son and the Holy Spirit . For anyone who has Christ, there is a new creation, the Old one has gone and now the new one is here.  Its all in Gods  works. As we Love one another, Christ is more completely being risen in power and glory.


Early this year, I found a post that is very inspiring it says,  write your blessing in a small paper and put it all together in a jar and at the end of the years reflect on it and be thankful for all of your blessing.

Doing good is something we need to do everyday. Its a healthy way of life. With almost the same concept, I started to write note of the things I did good for others in my phone calendar, Its so rewarding.  As time goes by it will be part of your being.  I don’t need to write it anymore.  The RULES OF DOING GOOD.

St Vincent Charismatic Community.,

Just happy to have joined St Vincent Charismatic community. They are my answered prayer. Five years after migrating to the US in year 2000 . I prayed hard to God asking Him to give me a community to served. One day as I look around to buy some plants for my garden I stop by at a garage sale and as I walk around two ladies were talking about Santo Nino. It really caught my attention as Santo Nino has been close to my heart. As They talk about it i inquired about their program, little did I Know that they are the head servant leaders of the St Vincent Charismatic Community Sister Virgie and Sister Frances. They invited me to their group and the rest is History.


. They had helped me in my journey.


. If other would say they have no time for this nor too tired to join prayer meetings. Meet our active member Sister Gloria. Still doing her part to serve the Lord. I seldom attend their meeting every Tuesday due to my work but has taking time to support their Programs. Yes God is good and He answers prayers.

2015/01/img_3433.jpg. Salamat Po Mahal nA Santo Nino.

My trials in my Spiritual Journey

My life is so blessed as I was born with a twin brother who is always there in my side. When my twin Brother James Died 15 years ago while working abroad, I was so devastated, I went to a priest to ask why these things happen. That time I was so active in our parish, sabi Ko bakit Lord, I have served you Tapos this happen. My life was shattered, it was as if half of me died also. Deep in my heart I Told God, please help me. This is too much for me. Help me in my suffering. The Lord allowed me to see the place where he died as I got an invitation to study in Japan and had the opportunity to go be there. A miracle happened year after His death, The Lord have given us a Baby girl on our Birthday something that we had waited for about five years. Before this tragedy happened we went to a doctor that specializes on women who cannot get pregnant in our desire to have our baby but did not push thru because of sudden death. the Lord gave us a baby on a natural way. Indeed the Lord said suffer not, you have now a baby to rejoiced . She was born as a blessing and we named her Jamie. Joyce, Anne Marie. truly God is good






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