Doing Good

Let's Join Our Hands for Nature


How could you give something what you do not have. This is very important in getting your self involve in a cause of sharing yourself to others. By saying I am. It is a answering to the call of the Lord. You are blessed in your heart.


Generosity, compassion, sacrifice and love are all rooted in a pure heart. Let us all work taking off the pains, the hurts, anger that is still within us. it may be hard, but then we should pray harder to seek inner peace by praying for forgiveness  and for healing. It is without saying if truly wants to have a good relationship with our husband or wife, friends, family and neighbors  it should start from us. investing Love in our hearts. Pure heart.  Putting Jesus in our hearts.  Knowing Him and sharing His goodness to others.

Early this year, I found a post that is very inspiring it says,  write your blessing in…

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