Story about Evangelisation.His name is Jesus.

In one of our religion class we were asked to talk to somebody about God. I pick somebody in our neighbor whom i wanted to share God. I was so young then, not knowing that it is what we called street evangelization. I think i already wanted to talk to him, when i learned he had passed away. I was hit hard from this experience. Sabi ko, sana when he passed away nakilala niya si Lord. As i am sharing this, now i realized how could he not know Jesus. His parents name Him Jesus.

There are time when our Lord calls us to share his love to others and not realizing it.

Today is a day for peace. let us bring bridge to broken relationship. God is the only way. life is short. enjoy life with love.

May your soul rest in peace. From this experience, it gives me more reason to share God to others. Yes God is alive and is so real.