Connecting in dreams.

In my Spiritual Journey I always encountered situation that I know is the work of the Holy Spirit.  One of this is the connection of people in dreams.

This story of my Friend Elba’s dream happened September 22 2019. the day i’ll attend a catholic charismatic convention in San Francisco and is connected to my story of transformation.



Not known to many, it was in the early part of the 90’s. that i was so lost in this world.

This was the time that i was away from the church that I adore and love.

This was a period that became focus on National idealism, serving the people and our country but not in anyway spiritual.cropped-20140422-080208.jpg

This happened when I became so frustrated with so much politicking in the church. I hated the leaders of the church. i hated Cardinal Sin. Adding to this was the lectures and books that I read about Philippine history.

With so much involved in street activism, I was send to Zamboanga to cool off.


ELBA my friend invited me to attend an activity in Araneta. Not knowing it was a Charismatic Mass.

Father Larry  was the one in Elba’s dream and  has a big role in my transformation.


Inside Araneta, I was not even participating on what is happening around but something has caught my attention. its when the priest raised the Holy Eucharist. As it was directed to where I was seated, I felt peace in my heart, I felt God in my heart that I started to cry.  Inside me is telling myself,  God is alive and is there in the HOLY EUCHARIST.

After this spiritual experience I attended a life in the Spirit Seminar in the National Shrine of the Sacred heart. I became active in church and the community and my life was change forever.

It was the Miracle of the Holy Eucharist. The same Eucharist that we have every Sunday during Mass. In all Healing Mass, In All Adoration Chapel



God Healing Miracle.

One day during the blessing of the relic of St. Therese, Cardinal Sin was there and with so many people in the church, Bishop Tom Yalung called me to hold the Holy Water. A signed of reconciliation of me and the church

As a witness to my being unchurch, listen to my wife testimony of my transformation.   Am sharing this so others would know that there is True God that works in our lives and Tell everyone that God is ALIVE IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST.


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