Beauty of Confession

The beauty of confession.

Am not a perfect person that is why I confess my sins to the priest.

My sin i fall into may be the same as always but never did i allowed it to be part of me. I fall down but raise up with a better armor when i confess.

It gives you grace and strengthen your spiritual life.

Little by little as you regularly confess, it becomes a way of life. Not a way of life as a sinner but a way of life wanting to be purified. always getting ready to his kingdom.

In my life, there are incidents that the Lord saved me from death. This is a sign that out Lord has a purpose for me and that i have a mission.

It is always in my prayers that our Lord leads me in my spiritual journey.

And the Lord answer my prayer.

in some instances it happened after confession.

This is my story.

Many years ago i went to confession at St. Paul Church in San Pablo during our afternoon break, went back to work and left the clinic around 5:30 pm for home.

Just so happened that while driving home I thought of passing by Pinole to buy some pillow, don’t know what happened but accidentally i exited Hilltop mall and instead went to Walmart.

Went As I look around the pillow section, I was surprise to see the lady infront of me at the confession some hours ago. she was assigned in that section and as I ask about the pillows they have,.

Likewise, she remembered me in the church, I asked her if she is active in any church activity. She told me that she was a member of Single for Christ in the Philippines and was actually looking for a community.

She told me that everything is an answered prayer when i told her that i am a member of couples for christ.

Days later I introduced her to a group of singles for christ

As i reflect on whats going on in my life, our Lord is connecting me to a lot of people and together we becomes a witness of Gods presence today.

As I listened to a you tube video about temptation, I would say thats me.

A warrior battling myself from my sins and after all this struggles and overcome this sin. There is a spirit that will dwell in you. There is God that will guide you and it happens when i confess.

only in a pure heart that our Lord speaks to our heart.

Oh how lovely is the song. create in me a clean heart. It starts when we confess and received the absolution from the priest.


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