Evil is for real

n the late 90 i was at home when i heard people shouting screaming as if there was a fire. they knock at my door asking me for help. i was a councilor of the barangay and a eucharist minister.

Went to the corner of our street. Mayapis and sampaloc and i saw women lying on the street being subdued by people being possessed.

I got a water put a salt and blessed that water using words from a scriptural book. Blessing of the water.

2 ladies on opposite sidewalk along sampaloc st. and one inside an katabi ng apartment na yan.

people mga masa was doing their own thing as what they see in the movies or tv.

sprinkle the water and could see its effects. later it calm them down.

went inside that apartment the lady was so strong. we prayed the rosary and wanted to bite so she could be release.

in area near this place there filipino women go to train themselves cultural dance and nihingo japanese language so they could go to work in Japan.

The Community patrol ‘tanod’ alarm other barangays. here comes the spiritism people. herbolario from i guess Tejeros or barangay singkamas.

we have them ride in the van and brought them in the church.

it was very late in the evening. i just remember giving them or putting blessings holy oil and calm everyone down.

we all went home and the ladies went back to the apartment in normal state.

next day the herbolario went back to burn incensed at the house.

all back to normal.

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