We are all special

We are all special.

With all the 💝 gift of the Holy Spirit and with prayers deep from your heart, listen and you’ll will be send to where God needed most. God came not for saint but for sinners like us. Repent, confess and ask God mercy…. Let God dwell in our purest heart., not on our heart pure of hate and anger, pride. .

with a peaceful and a loving heart you will experience God’s love, you’ll see miracles and healing.

It starts with Saying yes. God center of our being. God center of our life.

Thank you, you are all part of this Spiritual Journey and God is connecting us. That is what Bishop Mylo told me, if this experience brings us in communion with Christ it is a validation of the Holy Spirit working on us.

Life is not about us. we do fail but not God.

We have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit to give us strength and to give us light

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