lawyer for the poor

Year 1999 Manila, Philippines passed the Anti Pilferage law.

This was to address the concern of the government to end illegal connection of electric which is prevalent that time.

It is a social reality that there are those living in shanties near the rail road, river banks and other private lots. Many of those structure I mentioned were mostly having electric powers illegally.  They put jumpers from electric post . 

Many of them have small appliances and electric lights connected illegally by people who collected money for their services. Electricity is a need,

This issue of electrification was there for a long time but solution is not there.

When this Law was passed,  people from Meralco send some survey per household for possible electrification.

After collecting all the data on electric consumption per household, they came back for a meeting as the gathered together suddenly police cooperative showed up and pick them up loading them in van and book them on the anti pilferage law.

Each family were charge base on the usage / consumption of electricity based on number of years and appliances they used. 

No much help is there since people are afraid they will be incriminated as well. This was a very hot issue. The men and the ladies,  young and old were send among the jail inmates in the city. They are not hardened criminals why are they not separated from the inmates.

They seek my helped and met with the Police Chief to get the whole picture of what needs to be done.

People was put in jail and was asked by the court to post bail which is paid by bond worth P3,000.00 for their temporary release.

It’s hard for those people working as tricycle drivers, carpenters, plumbers, fish vendors, housemates to get that kind of money.

Theres was some chaos, people don’t know what to do.

People was scared for another round up by the police, aggravated with financial problem.s

The Barangay council and the officers of the PNR community raised funds, donations to augment funds needed for the release of the families.

I could still recall one peace officer “Tanod” of the community asking for help, he is afraid of being assaulted up by inmates he send to jail. 

Children was affected about their parents in jail and getting sick.

The first hearing was heard in court with a legal representative from the Urban poor.

This lawyer was given a small payment from money collected in the area.

Each case is different, there was P30,000. and some P10,000 .

I went to some friends from the corporate office of Maralco.

The corporate secretary who was a partner on community program we have in Makati YMCA for out of school youth assisted us with their legal Department. 

They allowed us to settle all cases for P5,000.00 provided they will have a legal connection on the area. The case run for about a month.

On the final judgement of the court case was dismissed upon payment of P 5,000.

.The court allowed me to represent them as their attorney.

It was one of the happiest  moment of my life seeing joy in their eyes. Our sacrifices paid off, all of them cheering, shouting from the court corridors to the street.

Shout of freedom.  Thanking Jesus.


2nd phase Program for electrification.  

Meet with people from Meralco and the city engineering office to discuss power meter installation.

Support from the City and Public officials was poured in to finish this program on time.

As a councilor of that village, we created an urban development committee to improved data collection and mapping for the area.

The houses got lighted, the children were able to study not with candles anymore.

A happy day for everyone,


Presently the program for the poor continued and was so elated about it.

Thanks to the continued support by our parish.

Programs for the poor continued.

Thank be to God

Morning Presence

I woke up just now with this on my tv. EWTN Catholic show.

In his homily the priest said to be in the presence of the Holy Eucharist etc.

All that he said. I did last night in the Adoration chapel before midnight thank giving day.

Exactly as I opened my eyes,


This is my story.

Two week ago there was a lady, a friend of mind asked me to pray for her for her 2 tumor and she wanted it done in the adoration chapel.

Her time in the adoration chapel is every Thursday evening.

Many years ago, I usually join her in her prayer time after my 4th shift work.

Just recently. She was the one who told me to pray for somebody in the adoration chapel on the feast day of Saint Anthony. Days of miracles.


Please for her healing. Let us just call her Sister Angel

Serving Makati YMCA , Rotary Club of Makati Amorsolo

Makati YMCA

1979 the Barangay Council of San Antonio used to hold our meeting at the Makati YMCA. As a youth leader Kabataan Barangay Chairman, I am given the rights to be part of the community council and makes programs for the Youth.

It is where we hold our sports program. We also held a disco fund raising for our Youth.

It is where I started to know about YMCA and its program

At that time it was Mr. Villavicencio handling programs for the Youth.

I met great men of YMCA, people with Wisdom, Honor and integrity.

Never in my mind that I would be given the opportunity to join them.

In early 90’s Tita Inday Morales asked me to be involved in the Programs of YMCA

It was one of the best moments for the Youth in San Antonio.

It opened up opportunities to a lot of programs

The hight light of Youth Program is leadership development

For many years we had leadership and personal development program with our Partner Rotary club of Makati Amorsolo

Highlight of this is our leadership conference that was held in Palawan. We brought there community youth leader and Some youth from San Antonio Village Elementary school

In a short visit in the Philippines last September 2019, i am very fortunate to meet once again people who trusted me in providing program for the youth and the community.

Doc. Ramona Morales, the President of Makati YMCA

She appointed me as one the Board of Director of YMCA.

I was in charge of youth program of YMCA in the early 90’s

I was sitting with great leaders of YMCA. I learned a lot of them. People with integrity and wisdom.

She took care of me and consider me as a son. I will always be greatful to her.

On my visit in 2019 She told about the programs that they have right now and was happy of the development of the program we started many years ago.

More the the programs, I am so proud of the youth leaders that we trained.

They are responsible as what we have dreamed for them.


The fruits of our labor from the past.

One of the best thing that I did in my life is making myself available to the betterment of our community.

As a youth leader, I see the need to make the youth responsible future leader of our country.

In silence, I just thank the Lord for making me an instrument in making a difference in the life of people and the community.

Photo below are some programs we have in the 90’s. Mskati YMCA and the Rotary club of Makati Amorsolo.,