Filipina Needs Your Help

June 28, 2022

I got a prayer request from a schoolmate living in Germany,

Her German husband is leaving her and do not know what to do.

It’s really hard to rely on messages that you receive because you are not really sure if it’s a scam.

As soon as I found out that she was really in bad shape and need help.

I took my time to listen..

January she was told that he will gonna leave her as he found another girl from Thailand on a dating site

She has no one. Her husband abandoned her.

No Pilipino to reach out. As soon as they found out of her situation. Wala na siyang makausap.

The Philippine embassy was been telling, her situation does not fall to any legal case. It’s a private marital concern and they can only refer her to a local social service office

She reach out to look for a place to stay but she was declined.

Most shelter are occupied and is presently being used for Ukrainian refugees

She was given a shelter before but it was not really livable. No electrical outlet etc etc

She went back to their apartment, where many of her furniture are taken already

Tried to reach out and was able to got in touch with my best friend in Belgium and his advice is not to go home.

That is the same opinion of my Classmate who is an attorney.

They all saying that there is no future for her at her senior age

We assess everything and concluded that it is very difficult to survive in Germany with a communication issue. For 20 years she was not able to enroll in school.

Wala daw silang pera.

In her first few years in Germany she work taking care of elders, doing household chores, shoving snows but when they transferred Iba na ang community. Mas Marami na mga younger generation

What she did was literally stayed home serving her husband. She was not ask to work otherwise they will be disqualified to social service benefits 

For those many years she was discouraged to apply for German citizenship. She has been just a German resident

They have no children with his German husband who is 6 years younger.

The only relative that the husband has is her mother who is around 83 years old.

Her husband had some financial difficulties during the pandemic and was so happy that she did not leave her but as soon at the business started to boom

It’s a dating site, the same way where she met him.

Yes you heard me right, they met in a dating site. The guy went to the Philippines and they started to connect.

They got married in the Philippines and left her good job on the Post Office.

She is a college graduate and left his son who was then 11 years old.

This situation made their relationship sour,

She tried to ask the son to just join him in Germany but the son refused.

That is the reason why she opted of just going home to patch up for the years they were separated

She said her son was left by the wife and is problematic on how to get an attorney so he can have a visiting rights to their children

She said why was it like lahat ng problema na experience na nila. Was

Mga sister Niya walang swerte sa asawa,

Topos some of the family members are just staying on the ground floor of their burned house.

Doon siya matutulog. On a previous burn house with our Comfort room.

She needs to go the house of her sister to do her nature, the problem is when it’s late in the evening she cannot enter the house for it is lock

The bed she will be using is just a foam bed.

Going back to her situation in Germany.

Her ID was replaced and the address they put in her card is Philippines. Not Germany.

I call up my friend from Rotary. Before and a resident in Europe for an advise

If she messed up with all the paper she signed that might be the end of her legal rights in Germany,

The husband won’t sign any papers that involve any benefits or sustenance.

Adding to her stress is who is gonna pick her up in the airport.

The things she need to bring home. Yung weight of her baggage.

A day or two she was given the Covid test requirements. She does not know if she got it right or not because when she filed it. She did not get an e mail confirmation

I tried to work on it on my side unfortunately she does not have her G mail password.

The husband knows the password but not her

We finally got her Covid Q

Like her I am stressing out because she did not get any e mail as instructed. I am not sure if she needs a Covid test before her flight.

But assured her everything will be fine as we got the Q that she needs

Silently, I am afraid of her safety but kept it to myself.

I said if there would be any problem ask help to any police.

I gave her instructions. Give me an update on where you she is.

Train, airport, stop over and as soon as she reach home.

The first message I got that she left home was when I was praying in the adoration chapel.

I prayed hard for her and asked the Lord to guide and protect her

I opened the spiritual book that I use for meditation and it’s exactly the message I want for her.

A day before the flight,

There was a bird accidentally entered our clinic. We were able to finally get hold of it after many try.

We let it go to the open sky.

It’s a sign and a message for us to released ourselves from bondage of fear, imprisonment of bad relationships and experiences, our sins and addictions.

Have courage to enter a new life.

We need to be ready to escape from interior and exterior attachment, we cannot bring anything in life.

Value love as it is those that we shall be offering to God as we leave this earth.

You call that eternal happiness.—————————

Blessed are you who hears the cry and help dry those tears.

God sees and Hears.

For me this is a symbolism to let go and be free.,

After an hour of praying in the adoration chapel I went to mass at Saint Catherine

The gospel was about the Samaritan women from the well. The gospel and homily is almost the same message that I wrote in my reflection about the bird.

Finally she arrived in the Philippines and as soon as she reached the place to stay she called me back to thank me.

I said it is the work of the Lord, we just followed

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