prayer on fears. Time of disasters and calamity

Prayers and reflection from disasters

We believe in your presence in our lives. In all our trials, sufferings, happiness and success.

You have shown us that even without nothing we could still smile and be happy as what some typhoon victims has shown us.

In their hearts they have you that brings them hope.

Bring forth typhoon, earthquakes in our hearts to removed our old self of being selfish, being unconcerned to others, pride and ego, our angers, our fears, our addictions, our lust and love to material world as we ask for your mercy and forgiveness.

Renew us, rehabilitate us and make us a better person in our family, our community, our work place, in our place of worship and in this world every minute, every hour in our lives . Humble us to see you in others, the people around us, our circumstances in life.

Change us Lord to start the change in this world .We lift up to you Lord those people in trials, those people suffering. Heal them Lord as we also asked for your healing of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

We likewise pray for all those who contributed and share their time, their effort to help in disasters, May it be big or small, yes Lord make us a cheerful giver. Let us always be there to help not tired of doing good. Let us be one and united in building this nation our country and the whole world.

Finally Lord we pray for those who died and went ahead of us. Please open your gates to you kingdom to embrace them with your love. Give them peace and let them not worry for those people they have left in this world.

May peace be in those who lost their families now dead and those still missing. Listen to our prayers as we pray for one another. As we open our eyes every morning we thank you, praise and glorify you Lord.

Keep us always safe in your presence we asked this in your Holy name Amen.

The way to heaven is repent

The Monk prayers is repentance and this is spoken universally.

Recently God once again manifested this call for repentance.

A story of near death (November 2019)

I cannot tell where it happened as the law may run after me.

This is a real story

There was a patient who was terminally ill, nothing you could do except to pray

The caregiver Got a crucifix that I gave her way back and put it in the patients hand and just prayed for him.

She told me that she remembers what I said before that we could pray in silence and in our hearts which she did.

She is are really out of words for the best prayers. Just said in your Holy name, in your most precious name. We pray. Did it repeatedly in silence holding his hands. She did not tell the patient she is praying for him.

that same moment the patient opened his eyes and said tell doctor.. I am sorry even sometimes I know she tell something bad about me,

tell the staff, everyone I am sorry for being a a burden to some.

told the caregiver Lord and told him. You need to repent.

The people around the patient was surprised when the patient opened his eyes and said.

please forgive me Doctor. Forgive me for all of you who took care of me.

I know who took care and who has …. I forgive all of you.

That was the time 911 came in to get him,

Truly the narrow way to heaven is not perfection but for repentance.

happy are those who were given a chance to repent and ask forgiveness.

As we end his life in his earth, we will bring nothing of this world except what is in our heart.

Now I fully understand when we say. Rest In Peace.

He face up leaving with no anger and no burden.

please let go and start a new life in this world with love in your heart. Pwede ba.

Lift up your Hands to God and he’ll show you the way.

We go for the best for everyone. Mend broken relationships.

God is saying it loud, repent and forgive. Be at peace.

This is a true story. The patient told everyone he saw the Lord.

Truly He is there watching us

Jelly Belly What flavor am I

Jelly Belly

As I was looking how Jelly belly was being processed I imagine myself being one.

What could have been my flavor.

Would people enjoy it. love it or would it be bad from the taste of others.

What I learned from them is that the inner core of the candy is the same.

It just changes when flavor is added.

Just like our life in this world. Everyone belongs to different generations and with different experiences. I refer this as a process being used to develop the bean.

Sometimes we are identified with the batch we are made or with the color we have.

What makes it like us is the way people identify us.

Come to think of it. We are sometimes judge with a sweet smite.

nobody is the same in the eyes of God.

We are all special and he knows our innermost heart. That is the flavor we want to achieve.

Pure and perfect.

In the end of our life Jesus will bring us to his Father in heaven only in purity.

Start building up taste of your heart.

Not bitter from hate, anger but sweet from our Love

God is so real- pilgrims experience

God is for real. 

There are a lot of people who are at lost and wants to find meaning in their life and to what Jesus wants us

Made a photo book on our pilgrimage in Jerusalem in 2017. A photo book that says all. That there is God as we walk to follow the footsteps of Jesus. It was so good as it captures God’s  glory in this earth and my companion to make this is the Holy Spirit.

 With this book a lot were inspired to know more about Jesus. New  Pilgrims went 2018 and another in 2020. It part of my spiritual journey it has reach to a lot of places, it became global and new trend to evangelize.

Each page is a story of bonding. We came there as a stranger to each other and went home as a family. This family grew and will continue to grow.

How beautiful is it made. The places where Jesus went, the places in the bible. The places he was there we were there, God is for real. Each individual has a sharing of how they were touched by the Lord and it was all captured with photos to remind them where it all happened. We cannot see what they have in their heart but will surely see it in their eyes. The way what God wants as to be. A person with an eyes of peace, an eyes full of love.

Your reverence in every place you go comes into your being, little by little you are being transformed in that Holy Place a sacred place.

 I will never ever forget this experience because it changed my life forever and I believe each one of us in that pilgrimage is called to be there and this book will be our treasure in the rest of life.

How I wish you could be able to see the miracles that was happening, miracles that we continue to share in our social media, miracles that we talk about in our conversations. It is all there in the book.

This book became a living bible. It shows there the playground of Jesus. Jesus as a child like our children. Jesus first miracle at Cana. Jesus baptism in the River Jordan, The Multiplication of Bread, the place of Galilee where Jesus called the apostles to be a fisher of men. All this is captured in photo to send us God message to be a fisher of men to bring hope to bring peace in this world.

The pain we experience here in this world is nothing compared to what

Jesus experience. He is a loving God that he cleared our paths to heaven by dying for our sins. When I went to his cross and his tomb. I just cried, Lord have mercy on me.  I don’t want to leave that place. I want to be with Jesus to feel his love to me. I want to share it to everyone and it’s all there in my photo book. Journey with Jesus in our hearts..

Indeed it is not about us. It’s all about Jesus.

Holiness by Towards Holiness. It is beautiful to pray in your heart, but the most powerful much worthier is when we pray with a quiet heart specially when we merge in the will of God as we desire to become like him. To be Holy. Our Lord Jesus Christ wish that we seek his kingdom with humility and to glorify our Father in Heaven. Our Lord notice the unnoticed and weigh the intention of the heart. Those who desire to truly serve without praise or fame shall be exalted for these are His true disciples, for the glory of man is not the glory of God, Holiness is not a virtue to prove or show to your fellow brothers. It is the state of your soul. Being pious. A person who leads a spiritual life has a profound attitude of reverence. This can be deeply understood by knowing the deeper meaning of religious presence. Religious presence is my presence to Holy and Sacred, When we are concentrated on our religious experience like prayers and devotion it fill up our own consciousness to their presence thus we become a sanctuary of Holiness. And for this to be real, it needs to be recognized through your words and through your actions. For piety needs to be a being and a lifestyle. For Holiness It is not spun of a moment experience. It’s a way of life. Focusing on the gift of piety, the Pope said he wanted to clarify its meaning right away because some people think of being pious is closing your eyes, putting an angel face. To pretend to be holier than thou. That is a reality and we see people like this that everywhere. Just a showcase of holiness. Piety is recognizing our belonging to God, our deep bond with him, a relationship that gives meaning to our whole life. With Piety, we are in communion with Him. a relationship that lived from the heart, a friendship that will change our lives and fills us with enthusiasm and joy. A person living in a truly pious life does not lead a life of violence. For it is its opposite. Violence may be described as a readiness to infringed upon integrity and sacredness of reality. So if we happen to live a life of being pious and likewise violent in our relationship with others, we have a problem. Now ask yourself, have I been blessed to be pious. Time again our Lord is calling us to holiness and be the light of the world. Now be one with Christ. To spread His Love, to spread our love with humility and respect. Spiritual journey is our journey to holiness, knowing and living the true self that the Lord wants us to be. It is where you find happiness and Discovering your fear, your fault, your limit your threshold, your weakness, your small sins and great sins, your lust, your addiction and overcoming it within is the way to holiness. Without self denial God cannot enter our hearts. The question is are we willing to give up the happiness of this world that evil has to offer. Lust, addiction, fame, power. There was a wealthy man who has everything and he was looking for true happiness, He gave everything that he has,and the first thing he did was to discover himself. Knowing his true self. To live as a society of one. He went to the desert as the perfect representation of his loss of self. He turned aridity into a positive value. The desert became his metaphor for being, his ageless encounter with lifelessness as a principal of rectitude. This lonely man living in the desert imposed a new valuation on human endeavor; that people had the right to an inner life over and above their responsibility as a social being. A new force had entered the world. By his retreat in the desert, He pave way for others to take their first step forward on the road to selflessness. Even in his isolation the evil is there to tempt him, they were there to torture him. To make life hard for him. That is the life of Saint Anthony abbot, Saint of the desert. Life is full of struggle in and out and this happens to make you stronger to face this adversary with calmness transforming all this fear with fortitude Those sadness with happiness, those anger with peace not easy but doable with God’s loving power. Jesus shall be helping you to be perfect as God is perfect. He wants to present us to his father in purity. That is why we have a purgatory. That is why we need to pray for the soul of the departed from this world that they may rest in peace and be purified to be presented as children of God. Jesus came down to redeem us, today to save us so that each one of us will be our father in heaven. Jesus want us to be like him. Jesus wants us to be perfect in humility, perfect in virtue, person of serving with reverence to our creator who are Holy and sacred, God chooses you to be here to listen and continually knocking in our heart and trying to melt our hardened heart so that God will dwell in us. The suffering Christ is there carrying the cross as he enter our heart but as soon as we transform we sees a risen Christ in us, the one who heals, a Christ who does miracles, and that power and the gift shall be with us in His holy name with the burning fire of the Holy Spirit to cast out evil and deliver you from sin. The victory of Jesus The cross represents the way to goodness, the way to eternal life HE did carry his cross to pave the path to eternal happiness,.pick up your cross joyfully. See the cross as freedom, as pleasure, goodness and peace not as pain. A man with piety is a living prayer. People sees you in their eyes but at the same time feels your holiness. To truly understand it, no amount of prayer and devotion shall make you one because piety is a way of life. It is not a spur of the moment experience. A pious man lives in peace. Person of being at peace with ourselves in prayer and in contemplation (knowing our self and God’s will in silence) because as we seek to be holy we need to overcome and reject the opposite side of reverence, which is violence. So if you feel yourself with the Lord and still have this attitude of violence, we have a problem. But don’t be discouraged because everytime we fall there is God to help us. Remember He came down onto this earth for sinners like me. The road to holiness is truly hard. It is a continuous battle between the good and evil within us. There is a confession where are Lord would listen and as the priest give us absolution we received blessing and grace. That is something that will truly lead us to see the light for being there saying our sin, our fault. Confession is a testing our ground on how strong we are to be couragious to admit our fault. letting go of our pride and be one with God. Being sorry for offending Him and promise not to sin again. Other sees us and the Lord sees us. Some says there is a habitual sin that is very hard to remove. Life is short, we don’t know when God will be there to get us. We must always be on guard. Put the armor of God and be his soldier to fight the evil one within yourself because for every sin that we shall overcome. There is peace that something the world cannot give. An voice within that shall say. I am here Lord. ready to do your will. The will of knowing him, Loving Him and serving him. Knowing him with his words in the bible, knowing his works throught people and saints, Loving him in prayers and in reverence in recieving Him, His Holy presence in the Eucharist, The Body and Blood of Christ. Loving the sinners not the sins, Serving Him by serving others. Serving him by evanelizing others to have a communion with Him and with the Father, In confession indeed, we purify our heart and our Lord will lead us to a new life. I have seen pious people and one of these is my father. I did not see him pray as others do in public, but I see him pray in reverence, that is the exact meaning of piety. Saint Mother Thesesa of Calcutta is a living prayer, Ms. Gina Lopez is a living prayer, the missionaries is a living prayer. You see sinners being transformed, people getting healed, The Lords works on them to show that Gods is for real. Be like them in silence. Know what’s the purpose meaning of your life. God will only give you what you can handle. Sometimes He does not asked us to do something very spectacular. He might be just asking us to love our FAMILY AND OUR NIEGHBOR, can we give it to him, to forgive and be at peace. He reminds us to be a child. May we all be in thrist with his words and His love, always seeking Him with praise. Thanking for his blessing and humble to seek his mercy, Do God’s work in silence with love and Humility. Amen In my life, I found holiness and calmness with Jesus when in reverence I went praying to all the saints in our church. I was a child then. I do all those things after school. I save my baon, my allowance so i could bring some food at home. That was also the beginning that I fall in love with a girl. She became my idol, she became the somebody that I want. But as I proposed to her. she turned me down. And she told me you need to know Jesus. It changed my life. ,

Brother Dean Castro

I will always be in grateful brother Dean for inviting me to Couple for Christ.

When we migrated here in 2000 I asked our Lord to send me to a community to serve, God answered my prayers.

One morning while driving around Georgia Street, I happened to stop by a garage sale of plants I heared two people conversing about a program for Santo Nino. I asked about it, that two Lady happened to be the Head of Saint Vincent Charistmatic Prayer community.

This happened after 5 years of looking for a community. I joined them as I attended the Life in the Spirit Seminar In 2006z

It’s a convincing proof that God is truly alive and he answers prayer. Not in our time. His Time and his ways.

My spiritual Journey continues from the time we left the Philippines being blessed from our departure by Bishop Tom Yalung.

Around 2008 In one of the presentation of Couple for Christ Ancop Project (Gawad Kalinga) in Saint Catherine

Brother Dean Castro opened up a conversation of joining Couples for Christ,

At first I was hesitant since my two jobs (5 days a week) technically is taking all my time.

Brother Dean talk to me of attending the Christian Life Program, my saying Yes opened up a new avenue to serve God more but this time with my Wife Carol and my Daughter Joyce.

An avenue where I could bring my family to Christ.

This community had helped us a lot, I cannot imaging how our life would have been without Christ.

indeed nothing happened by accident, Brother Dean was an instrument of bringing Christ to be the Center of our Family.

Without Christ in us we cannot have survived all the trials and hardship living in America.

Brother Dean and my joining of Couples for Christ is a manifestation of God’s hands working on us, connecting people,

Brother Dean Hands touches a lives of a lot of people.

Serving the Homeless, missionaries, youth, students, parents, couples.our parish, schools,

The story of his life is unending because those life that he touched will continue to grow.

As Sister Bettina Said.

Brother Dean walk the talk.

Thank you Brother Dean.

The christian Life program you had been sharing goes to a new height.

Christian Life Program is a story of your life.

That when you found Jesus in your heart, you hold on it to the end.