Light to forgive

Just recently somebody shared a story that came about true transformation. A HEART OF HAPPINESS THAT CAME ABOUT BECAUSE OF FORGIVENESS.

This a reason to celebrate because it gives me to believed that all things is posible and there is no such thing as a heart of stone and in every heart there is always a space for Love.

This happened with no funfares, they met and told ehats in their heart and forgive. The most amazing transformation I saw is the glow of happiness and peace in the eyes of each one.

Feast day of Saint Anthony.

How could i celebrate the feast day of Saint Anthony de Padua when i really don’t know him well. I went to school at Saint Anthony and is always in my heart. Yes need to know Him more and He answered my Prayer.

This is my Story

After work i went to the Adoration Chapel at Saint Dominic Church in Benicia..

After my silent prayers i took my phone and read the story of Saint Anthony in my phone application Scrbd.

After my prayers went to my car and as i about to leave, a lady came and talk to me about a retreat i told her way back.

A spiritual retreat with Father Blount

Amazing! it’s in Saint Anthony Retreat Center this August.

Father James Blount. you tube talk of Father Blount

She told me if I met the person inside, she said she is sick and needs a healing prayer.

I told her can i pray for her. We went inside and pray for her friend., In my prayers i asked St. Anthony to intercede for her healing, later on she told me that she was likewise praying for Saint Anthony. Her mother gave her a prayer book and is with her.

My friend Arlene got a gift from a deacon and left it for her that night.

It a blessed St. Anthony.

as i was About to take photo of her gift, my phone battery died.

so She took this photo from her cell phone

End our prayers and went home..

opened the Television on EWTN and I was so in surprised. They just begun to show the story of Saint Anthony.

Thank you Saint Anthony. please pray for us.

Dream of Maria March 3, 2019

John two nights ago I had a dream. We were around 10 or 12 pilgrims in the blessed sacrament. All of us were all in white. I remember seeing you John also all in white. being in the blessed sacrament I gathered all of us….Then I said “come now”….then I woke up.

While all of these were taking place , the ambiance was very bright and peaceful…

Listen To His call

We are not alone in this world, we are with people who are lost and does not know me says the Lord.

They want to serve God but does not know where to start.

Bring them to see life with God. the beauty of knowing God and the best part of it is Loving God by having a true relationship with Him

Everyday God knocks in our hearts in different circumstances.

listen to His voice.

Follow Him as we share God”s message to us.

Be one with God

Sending prayers for everyone who wants to join us in our spiritual journey and its start with saying Yes