Brother Dean Castro

I will always be in grateful brother Dean for inviting me to Couple for Christ.

When we migrated here in 2000 I asked our Lord to send me to a community to serve, God answered my prayers.

One morning while driving around Georgia Street, I happened to stop by a garage sale of plants I heared two people conversing about a program for Santo Nino. I asked about it, that two Lady happened to be the Head of Saint Vincent Charistmatic Prayer community.

This happened after 5 years of looking for a community. I joined them as I attended the Life in the Spirit Seminar In 2006z

It’s a convincing proof that God is truly alive and he answers prayer. Not in our time. His Time and his ways.

My spiritual Journey continues from the time we left the Philippines being blessed from our departure by Bishop Tom Yalung.

Around 2008 In one of the presentation of Couple for Christ Ancop Project (Gawad Kalinga) in Saint Catherine

Brother Dean Castro opened up a conversation of joining Couples for Christ,

At first I was hesitant since my two jobs (5 days a week) technically is taking all my time.

Brother Dean talk to me of attending the Christian Life Program, my saying Yes opened up a new avenue to serve God more but this time with my Wife Carol and my Daughter Joyce.

An avenue where I could bring my family to Christ.

This community had helped us a lot, I cannot imaging how our life would have been without Christ.

indeed nothing happened by accident, Brother Dean was an instrument of bringing Christ to be the Center of our Family.

Without Christ in us we cannot have survived all the trials and hardship living in America.

Brother Dean and my joining of Couples for Christ is a manifestation of God’s hands working on us, connecting people,

Brother Dean Hands touches a lives of a lot of people.

Serving the Homeless, missionaries, youth, students, parents, couples.our parish, schools,

The story of his life is unending because those life that he touched will continue to grow.

As Sister Bettina Said.

Brother Dean walk the talk.

Thank you Brother Dean.

The christian Life program you had been sharing goes to a new height.

Christian Life Program is a story of your life.

That when you found Jesus in your heart, you hold on it to the end.

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