God is so real- pilgrims experience

God is for real. 

There are a lot of people who are at lost and wants to find meaning in their life and to what Jesus wants us

Made a photo book on our pilgrimage in Jerusalem in 2017. A photo book that says all. That there is God as we walk to follow the footsteps of Jesus. It was so good as it captures God’s  glory in this earth and my companion to make this is the Holy Spirit.

 With this book a lot were inspired to know more about Jesus. New  Pilgrims went 2018 and another in 2020. It part of my spiritual journey it has reach to a lot of places, it became global and new trend to evangelize.

Each page is a story of bonding. We came there as a stranger to each other and went home as a family. This family grew and will continue to grow.

How beautiful is it made. The places where Jesus went, the places in the bible. The places he was there we were there, God is for real. Each individual has a sharing of how they were touched by the Lord and it was all captured with photos to remind them where it all happened. We cannot see what they have in their heart but will surely see it in their eyes. The way what God wants as to be. A person with an eyes of peace, an eyes full of love.

Your reverence in every place you go comes into your being, little by little you are being transformed in that Holy Place a sacred place.

 I will never ever forget this experience because it changed my life forever and I believe each one of us in that pilgrimage is called to be there and this book will be our treasure in the rest of life.

How I wish you could be able to see the miracles that was happening, miracles that we continue to share in our social media, miracles that we talk about in our conversations. It is all there in the book.

This book became a living bible. It shows there the playground of Jesus. Jesus as a child like our children. Jesus first miracle at Cana. Jesus baptism in the River Jordan, The Multiplication of Bread, the place of Galilee where Jesus called the apostles to be a fisher of men. All this is captured in photo to send us God message to be a fisher of men to bring hope to bring peace in this world.

The pain we experience here in this world is nothing compared to what

Jesus experience. He is a loving God that he cleared our paths to heaven by dying for our sins. When I went to his cross and his tomb. I just cried, Lord have mercy on me.  I don’t want to leave that place. I want to be with Jesus to feel his love to me. I want to share it to everyone and it’s all there in my photo book. Journey with Jesus in our hearts..

Indeed it is not about us. It’s all about Jesus.

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