Holiness by Towards Holiness. It is beautiful to pray in your heart, but the most powerful much worthier is when we pray with a quiet heart specially when we merge in the will of God as we desire to become like him. To be Holy. Our Lord Jesus Christ wish that we seek his kingdom with humility and to glorify our Father in Heaven. Our Lord notice the unnoticed and weigh the intention of the heart. Those who desire to truly serve without praise or fame shall be exalted for these are His true disciples, for the glory of man is not the glory of God, Holiness is not a virtue to prove or show to your fellow brothers. It is the state of your soul. Being pious. A person who leads a spiritual life has a profound attitude of reverence. This can be deeply understood by knowing the deeper meaning of religious presence. Religious presence is my presence to Holy and Sacred, When we are concentrated on our religious experience like prayers and devotion it fill up our own consciousness to their presence thus we become a sanctuary of Holiness. And for this to be real, it needs to be recognized through your words and through your actions. For piety needs to be a being and a lifestyle. For Holiness It is not spun of a moment experience. It’s a way of life. Focusing on the gift of piety, the Pope said he wanted to clarify its meaning right away because some people think of being pious is closing your eyes, putting an angel face. To pretend to be holier than thou. That is a reality and we see people like this that everywhere. Just a showcase of holiness. Piety is recognizing our belonging to God, our deep bond with him, a relationship that gives meaning to our whole life. With Piety, we are in communion with Him. a relationship that lived from the heart, a friendship that will change our lives and fills us with enthusiasm and joy. A person living in a truly pious life does not lead a life of violence. For it is its opposite. Violence may be described as a readiness to infringed upon integrity and sacredness of reality. So if we happen to live a life of being pious and likewise violent in our relationship with others, we have a problem. Now ask yourself, have I been blessed to be pious. Time again our Lord is calling us to holiness and be the light of the world. Now be one with Christ. To spread His Love, to spread our love with humility and respect. Spiritual journey is our journey to holiness, knowing and living the true self that the Lord wants us to be. It is where you find happiness and Discovering your fear, your fault, your limit your threshold, your weakness, your small sins and great sins, your lust, your addiction and overcoming it within is the way to holiness. Without self denial God cannot enter our hearts. The question is are we willing to give up the happiness of this world that evil has to offer. Lust, addiction, fame, power. There was a wealthy man who has everything and he was looking for true happiness, He gave everything that he has,and the first thing he did was to discover himself. Knowing his true self. To live as a society of one. He went to the desert as the perfect representation of his loss of self. He turned aridity into a positive value. The desert became his metaphor for being, his ageless encounter with lifelessness as a principal of rectitude. This lonely man living in the desert imposed a new valuation on human endeavor; that people had the right to an inner life over and above their responsibility as a social being. A new force had entered the world. By his retreat in the desert, He pave way for others to take their first step forward on the road to selflessness. Even in his isolation the evil is there to tempt him, they were there to torture him. To make life hard for him. That is the life of Saint Anthony abbot, Saint of the desert. Life is full of struggle in and out and this happens to make you stronger to face this adversary with calmness transforming all this fear with fortitude Those sadness with happiness, those anger with peace not easy but doable with God’s loving power. Jesus shall be helping you to be perfect as God is perfect. He wants to present us to his father in purity. That is why we have a purgatory. That is why we need to pray for the soul of the departed from this world that they may rest in peace and be purified to be presented as children of God. Jesus came down to redeem us, today to save us so that each one of us will be our father in heaven. Jesus want us to be like him. Jesus wants us to be perfect in humility, perfect in virtue, person of serving with reverence to our creator who are Holy and sacred, God chooses you to be here to listen and continually knocking in our heart and trying to melt our hardened heart so that God will dwell in us. The suffering Christ is there carrying the cross as he enter our heart but as soon as we transform we sees a risen Christ in us, the one who heals, a Christ who does miracles, and that power and the gift shall be with us in His holy name with the burning fire of the Holy Spirit to cast out evil and deliver you from sin. The victory of Jesus The cross represents the way to goodness, the way to eternal life HE did carry his cross to pave the path to eternal happiness,.pick up your cross joyfully. See the cross as freedom, as pleasure, goodness and peace not as pain. A man with piety is a living prayer. People sees you in their eyes but at the same time feels your holiness. To truly understand it, no amount of prayer and devotion shall make you one because piety is a way of life. It is not a spur of the moment experience. A pious man lives in peace. Person of being at peace with ourselves in prayer and in contemplation (knowing our self and God’s will in silence) because as we seek to be holy we need to overcome and reject the opposite side of reverence, which is violence. So if you feel yourself with the Lord and still have this attitude of violence, we have a problem. But don’t be discouraged because everytime we fall there is God to help us. Remember He came down onto this earth for sinners like me. The road to holiness is truly hard. It is a continuous battle between the good and evil within us. There is a confession where are Lord would listen and as the priest give us absolution we received blessing and grace. That is something that will truly lead us to see the light for being there saying our sin, our fault. Confession is a testing our ground on how strong we are to be couragious to admit our fault. letting go of our pride and be one with God. Being sorry for offending Him and promise not to sin again. Other sees us and the Lord sees us. Some says there is a habitual sin that is very hard to remove. Life is short, we don’t know when God will be there to get us. We must always be on guard. Put the armor of God and be his soldier to fight the evil one within yourself because for every sin that we shall overcome. There is peace that something the world cannot give. An voice within that shall say. I am here Lord. ready to do your will. The will of knowing him, Loving Him and serving him. Knowing him with his words in the bible, knowing his works throught people and saints, Loving him in prayers and in reverence in recieving Him, His Holy presence in the Eucharist, The Body and Blood of Christ. Loving the sinners not the sins, Serving Him by serving others. Serving him by evanelizing others to have a communion with Him and with the Father, In confession indeed, we purify our heart and our Lord will lead us to a new life. I have seen pious people and one of these is my father. I did not see him pray as others do in public, but I see him pray in reverence, that is the exact meaning of piety. Saint Mother Thesesa of Calcutta is a living prayer, Ms. Gina Lopez is a living prayer, the missionaries is a living prayer. You see sinners being transformed, people getting healed, The Lords works on them to show that Gods is for real. Be like them in silence. Know what’s the purpose meaning of your life. God will only give you what you can handle. Sometimes He does not asked us to do something very spectacular. He might be just asking us to love our FAMILY AND OUR NIEGHBOR, can we give it to him, to forgive and be at peace. He reminds us to be a child. May we all be in thrist with his words and His love, always seeking Him with praise. Thanking for his blessing and humble to seek his mercy, Do God’s work in silence with love and Humility. Amen In my life, I found holiness and calmness with Jesus when in reverence I went praying to all the saints in our church. I was a child then. I do all those things after school. I save my baon, my allowance so i could bring some food at home. That was also the beginning that I fall in love with a girl. She became my idol, she became the somebody that I want. But as I proposed to her. she turned me down. And she told me you need to know Jesus. It changed my life. ,

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