Jelly Belly What flavor am I

Jelly Belly

As I was looking how Jelly belly was being processed I imagine myself being one.

What could have been my flavor.

Would people enjoy it. love it or would it be bad from the taste of others.

What I learned from them is that the inner core of the candy is the same.

It just changes when flavor is added.

Just like our life in this world. Everyone belongs to different generations and with different experiences. I refer this as a process being used to develop the bean.

Sometimes we are identified with the batch we are made or with the color we have.

What makes it like us is the way people identify us.

Come to think of it. We are sometimes judge with a sweet smite.

nobody is the same in the eyes of God.

We are all special and he knows our innermost heart. That is the flavor we want to achieve.

Pure and perfect.

In the end of our life Jesus will bring us to his Father in heaven only in purity.

Start building up taste of your heart.

Not bitter from hate, anger but sweet from our Love

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