prayer on fears. Time of disasters and calamity

Prayers and reflection from disasters

We believe in your presence in our lives. In all our trials, sufferings, happiness and success.

You have shown us that even without nothing we could still smile and be happy as what some typhoon victims has shown us.

In their hearts they have you that brings them hope.

Bring forth typhoon, earthquakes in our hearts to removed our old self of being selfish, being unconcerned to others, pride and ego, our angers, our fears, our addictions, our lust and love to material world as we ask for your mercy and forgiveness.

Renew us, rehabilitate us and make us a better person in our family, our community, our work place, in our place of worship and in this world every minute, every hour in our lives . Humble us to see you in others, the people around us, our circumstances in life.

Change us Lord to start the change in this world .We lift up to you Lord those people in trials, those people suffering. Heal them Lord as we also asked for your healing of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

We likewise pray for all those who contributed and share their time, their effort to help in disasters, May it be big or small, yes Lord make us a cheerful giver. Let us always be there to help not tired of doing good. Let us be one and united in building this nation our country and the whole world.

Finally Lord we pray for those who died and went ahead of us. Please open your gates to you kingdom to embrace them with your love. Give them peace and let them not worry for those people they have left in this world.

May peace be in those who lost their families now dead and those still missing. Listen to our prayers as we pray for one another. As we open our eyes every morning we thank you, praise and glorify you Lord.

Keep us always safe in your presence we asked this in your Holy name Amen.

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