The way to heaven is repent

The Monk prayers is repentance and this is spoken universally.

Recently God once again manifested this call for repentance.

A story of near death (November 2019)

I cannot tell where it happened as the law may run after me.

This is a real story

There was a patient who was terminally ill, nothing you could do except to pray

The caregiver Got a crucifix that I gave her way back and put it in the patients hand and just prayed for him.

She told me that she remembers what I said before that we could pray in silence and in our hearts which she did.

She is are really out of words for the best prayers. Just said in your Holy name, in your most precious name. We pray. Did it repeatedly in silence holding his hands. She did not tell the patient she is praying for him.

that same moment the patient opened his eyes and said tell doctor.. I am sorry even sometimes I know she tell something bad about me,

tell the staff, everyone I am sorry for being a a burden to some.

told the caregiver Lord and told him. You need to repent.

The people around the patient was surprised when the patient opened his eyes and said.

please forgive me Doctor. Forgive me for all of you who took care of me.

I know who took care and who has …. I forgive all of you.

That was the time 911 came in to get him,

Truly the narrow way to heaven is not perfection but for repentance.

happy are those who were given a chance to repent and ask forgiveness.

As we end his life in his earth, we will bring nothing of this world except what is in our heart.

Now I fully understand when we say. Rest In Peace.

He face up leaving with no anger and no burden.

please let go and start a new life in this world with love in your heart. Pwede ba.

Lift up your Hands to God and he’ll show you the way.

We go for the best for everyone. Mend broken relationships.

God is saying it loud, repent and forgive. Be at peace.

This is a true story. The patient told everyone he saw the Lord.

Truly He is there watching us

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