Who is Jesus in our life

This question is for all of us. Do you know your life purpose?

As a youth leader in the 80’s it was all clear that my purpose was to serve the youth in the community. Ako at Kabataan

(kabataang Barangay, Rotary, Ymca, Nssh parish youth council)

In the 90’s. (John4nature) Kapit Kamay para sa Kalikasan)

(Makati Task Force on Solid Waste Management, Pasig River Rehabilitations. Philippines Japanese Friendship Program..)

Serving my community ( forever)

year 2000. (St. Vincent Charismatic, Couples for Christ, Pro-life)

All for Jesus.

There are lot of things that our Lord wants to give and share to us in this kingdom here on earth. His Love and mercy.

it’s up to us and ask. He is knocking in our hearts.

Say Yes to Jesus.

Your servant is listening.

Sabi ng isa, i am not into that. am not a fanatic. if the Lord called you to serve,no is not an answer.

He will be there in your side until you believe.

The Lord will not give you a work you cannot handle.

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