Ako at Makati YMCA

1980 our Barangay council meeting was held here so is our sports tournament when I was a Youth Chairman in the community

It was just in front of our Church, The National Shrine of the Sacred Heart and so near the business center of Ayala.

YMCA is likewise a place where we go swimming, and learned other sports

The KB council of San Antonio even held Disco fund raising activity in YMCA for the community.

At that time it was Mr. Jose Villavicencio handling programs for the Youth.

Fast forward,

In early 90’s Tita Inday Morales asked me to be involved in the Programs of YMCA.

She took care of me and consider me as a son. I will always be greatful to her.

I met great men of YMCA, people with Wisdom, Honor and integrity.

I learned a lot from them.

Tita Inday guided me to be a leader and a be selfless servant of God and the community.

Makati YMCA was always been a partner of the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart. Tita Inday would likewise bring me to retreats and some visitation to convents with the Nuns.

Lot’s of Priest in the YMCA family that is why we are truly blessed

I would recall joining YMCA of Chinatown in a trip to Pangasinan.

Never had I heard negative comments among them. They talk about stories of friends accomplishments. People Helping one another That was so awesome

If only leaders would be like this. Our world will be brighter.

I am so happy to see emerging youth leaders and are now catalysts of change.

YMCA did not just transform me, it transformed our youth and the community

It was one of the best moments for the Youth in San Antonio.

It opened up opportunities to a lot of program in Partnership with the Rotary club of Makati Amorsolo

Local youth were able to join a lot of leadership conference and seminars

In a short visit in the Philippines last September 2019, I am so happy to be with my mentor and mom. 🙂

Doc. Ramona Morales. Tita Inday.

She told about the programs that they have right now .

More the the programs, I am so proud of the present Makati YMCA youth leaders


In silence, I just thank the Lord for making me an instrument in making a difference in the life of our youth and the community.

It was a moment in my life that we were able to bring the Youth in the true essence of being Maka Dios , Maka Tao, Maka Bayan at Maka Kalikasan

God first above all.

Will never forget memories with the youth of our community.

Photos of San Antonio village Youth

Makati YMCA, Y’s Men Club and the Rotary club of Makati Amorsolo and our parish. National Shrine of the Sacred Heart.

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