Serving Makati YMCA , Rotary Club of Makati Amorsolo

In a short visit in the Philippines last September 2019, i am very fortunate to meet once again people who trusted me in providing program for the youth and the community.

Doc. Ramona Morales, the President of Makati YMCA appointed me as one the Board of Director of YMCA and a program director in the early 90’s

She took care of me and consider me as a son. I will always be greatful to her.

She told about the programs that they have right now and was happy of the development of the program we stated a long time ago.

More the the programs, am so proud of the youth leaders that we trained. They are responsible as what we have dreamed for them.


The fruits of our labor from the past.

One of the best thing that I did in my life is making myself available to the betterment of our community.

As a youth leader, I see the need to make the youth responsible future leader of our country.

In silence, I just thank the Lord for making me an instrument in making a difference in the life of people and the community.

Photo below are some programs we have in the 90’s. Mskati YMCA and the Rotary club of Makati Amorsolo.,


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