Our Lady of Lourdes

It’s sad that for the first time in history the Lourdes, a center of the Christian Pilgrimage beside Bethlehem and Rome was close for public visit on March 18, 2020 however Mass continues to be said daily.

I felt bad about what is happening in some of our churches where we cannot received The Holy Eucharist.

With this reality we should not focus on this lost but on the opportunity of knowing more of our faith as our Saint experiences before.

Their life most importantly their Spirituality.

When Lourdes close its door to the pilgrims let it be the time to listen to the call of Mother Mary.

Miracles from the Eucharist and our Lady shall spread if we believe and allow it to happen not anywhere but in our own home and in our hearts

It’s it what Mother has been asking us.

Pray the Rosary. In this time of the Spread of Corona virus let it be another Cross to defeat it.

The Cross of Jesus.

Let us not forget another Crown.

The Rosary. Both the Rosary and the Cross means Garland. Indeed it’s another crown that will defeat the evil of corona virus.

Let me share with you the things that we could do . know our Saint and experience their closeness to our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary

Be from God our refuge and strength. Amen

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