Mommy Betty Atilano

My Mother Passed away August 28, 2020 at the age of 93.

Writing this in memory of her life.

Mommy Betty, Mommy ng bayan

My Mommy

The Dad of my mother is a Japanese . Came to the Philippines before the war. They had a bakery business. My moms name is Betty Teruko Yamane

Her Siblings

Our Japanese relatives in Japan

Everybody calls her Mommy. Kahit saan siya magpunta. She is very adorable. Full of charism

A very happy person and this is her story.

She is always glamorous. She has been active in her province Dagupan City.

My Papa Wilfrido and my Mommy Betty

We are six siblings and she would bring us to Dagupan and Baguio city. I cannot imagine how she did it

She enjoyed life and She loves dancing.

I would say, she treasures is her friends.

She never forgets to write them greeting cards and letters

In the early 70’s she works as a teacher in dressmaking at the Makati Polytechnic college while working at the Makati Treasure’s office where she became the City’s Administrative officer during the time of Mayor Nemesio Yabut.

She served as the Barangay Treasurer under the time of Barangay Captain Antonio Santa Ana until the time of Barangay Captain Boy Alzona.

She served as the President of the Puericulture and health Center of Barangay San Antonio. Her Doctor at that time is Doctora Elenita Binay and her Dentist was Peter Flores both whom became a mayor of Makati and Makabebe Pampanga respectively.

Mommy Betty was the overall president of the Peureculture Center Association of Makati during the time of Mayor Nemesio Yabut in the early 80’s.

During the Time of Mayor Jejomar Binay she served as the over all president of the Samahan ng Kababaihan ng Makati until her migration to the United States.

In the 70’s our residence became a dropping point of relief goods from Malacanang in major calamities with the help of her friends.

She offered the back of her house to be an annex of the San Antonio elementary school. This house likewise became a polling place in one of the election during Martial law.

She was a very respected person in almost all departments of Makati including the police and military.

She was always been asked to grace numerous occasions in municipal and city ceremonies.

She was always been active even when she was in the United States

She was a humble servants of the residents of Barangay San Antonio in every needs of her neighbors. From hospital needs. Permits, police and many more. She is not just charismatic but charitable to the less fortunate families in Makati.

She always enjoys giving gift and sharing.

That is the most admirable part of her. The best leader where she always took good care of her employees and fellow officers.,

At age 87 she went back to Manila

A good Mother and a grand mother.

I visited her in 2019, at her age of 92 she go her church on a wheelchair receiving Holy Communion.

We were constantly having a video call on her last days.

I knew her days are counted, She was already getting weak,

I was so frustrated I cannot do anything for mommy. It was the height of the pandemic I ask my friend if he could do the last rite even via messenger or by phone

I want my mom blessed. My friend Father Flavie told me he was out from Manila and will help us on this.

I was so happy when a Priest came to our house to do the extreme Auction

For some reason she became a bit better.

Gave her more time with us.

All this time Dra. Binay was always in touched.

In her final day, an ambulance in total gear went to pick her up.

She stopped breathing, later on our Yaya said she is still warm, she pump the chest of Mommy again and again. Got her pulse back and was put in the gurney. On the way to the Hospital she passed away.

On her last talk with Dra. She just said. Mommy I love you.

Marilou her ever loyal followers was there and never left Mommy until her burial


We were all together praying on her last breath in the different part of the world. Told them let us just pray the Divine Mercy before she closed her eyes.

Divine Mercy. It was a peaceful death.

Something she wished for a long time.

That when God will take her, she won’t be in pain.

I know she is not perfect but in her last days she was faithful to her faith

Thank You Lord for answering her prayer

Thank you Lord for giving us Mommy Betty

We love you Mommy so much

Rest In Peace at the age of 93. September 18, 2020

Thanks for your love you gave to our Mommy Betty

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