Spiritual Journey – Divine Appointment

This story is a witnessing of how God and the Holy Spirit works in our life.

Everything that happened was unbelievable and happened unexpectedly

It’s perfect timing, Exacto. His plan, His ways and His plan

Story of Grace my Spiritual Friend

Our group from Saint Vincent Catholic Charistmatic prayer group attended a Healing conference by Evangelist Kenneth Copeland in Sacramento in 2017

He was well known Christian leader and as expected there were a lot of people filling up the convention center.

After the talks there was a healing service, as expected I know we cannot be prayed over by Mr Copeland or her daughter Kellie

• Kellie, like many of her siblings, works for her father’s ministry, Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

• She preaches all across the United States of America, bringing the ministry everywhere she goes.

I would be happy even to just to have a picture with her

As I was about to reach the stage her staff brought her out. 😦

Ate our lunch and walk around Sacramento

Some members of our group went back to the convention center after praying at the Cathedral,

I choose to stay and heard Mass that day.

Most Reverend Bishop Jamie Soto celebrated the mass and was so happy having picture taken with him.

Me and Grace went back in the convention center and as we enter the convention the daughter of Mr. David Copeland went inside at the same time. Exacto

Sister Grace approach her for guidance and prayers as she was talking for her, she fell followed by me. Rested in the Holy Spirit

This is our conversation recalling that event

Two of us lying down on the lobby of the convention center while people coming in.

We were the only one whom she prayed over and she went ahead inside the center.

As I woke up, there was an elderly Minister who talk to me and said. Are you thirsty?

I said yes without really understanding what he meant about it

He put his hand on my head and once again I fell on the floor with somebody catching me. It was an awesome experience. Both of us again in the floor resting in the Spirit

Before all this happened, My friend Grace told me she was hoping that Pastor Kenneth Copeland pray over her, but instead an elder leader ministry prayed for her. Indeed both of us got our prayers answered.

Months after

For some reason, she did not show up in our prayer meeting.

Later she confide, That she asked for a sign.

she would come back if she found her name posted in the Facebook.. yes indeed she found it on my Facebook page.

Year 2000 God brought us together again.

New year of 2020 I went to San Francisco pier to celebrate with our family and with so many people around I bump into her. Exacto

Once in a while we go together to pray.

Strengthening Our Spiritual life

September 23, we are once again together in Los Angeles to attend a healing Service of Pastor Manuel

That afternoon we just passed by the place to check the area since we are just a visitor from San Francisco.

Exactly at the time we got there the pastor passed by to check the place. He even said he tried to disguise in scrubs so he would not be recognized hehe.

God is really good, he told his companion to reserve us a sit on the second row to make sure we could get a seat and be his guest to the green room after the healing Mass.

Am a witness and believe

His ways and his time

We were once again slained or rested in the Spirit not only twice but a lot of times.

What is resting in the Spirit

Again charged with the Holy Spirit and mission ready.

Thy will be done Lord

God answers PRAYERS

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