Catholic Apostolic Church

Election time again and it seems like there are issue raising up against Vatican and the Catholic church.

True, I have seen how our church used the pulpit in politic. I never understood it and I hated it.

As a youth leader we were taught in our leadership training about how the missionaries used our beliefs to win the hearts of the Masses. From the pagan worshiping of bathala they introduce the Saints.

Later in life as I read about the life of our Saints.

They were indeed God’s send to us for us to believe of his presence here on earth

Many doctrines of the church were written by our Saints. Inspired by their deep love to our Lord Jesus they willed to die and suffer.

There are numerous miracles attributed to the Saints not to mention the incorruptible bodies that was discovered.

It cannot be explained scientifically. Indeed only God can do it.

I was taught that it was a way of foreign countries to control our world.

This is the source of our hardship in our country. As we use to call it Clerico fascism’s

Combined with the domination influence of United States in Philippines affair.

Like the left we Cry Against US. Jesuit Mafia as we called it.

That is me in late 80’s

John the Rebel.

But unlike to some who just want to overthrow the government, we are taught that if we want to change the government be part of the change.

Change yourself, help the people around you and the community.

That is me as a youth leader.

1985 … My heart is full of hate as I had seen the intervention of the United States in our internal affairs.

My involvement in politics was so deep that for my safety they ask me to cool down and I was exiled to Zamboanga city.

Come local election, my friend Raul Oloy Javier told me to just join him in his office and together we will do programs for the youth and the community

For his first term, we focused on building sports facilities in all Barangay in Makati.

We collaborated with the program of President Cory Aquino in implementing Presidential Summer Youth Program. PSYP Government Internship.

Our office with PCYA and the Department of Local Government fought for the inclusion of the Sangguniang Kabataang in the Local government code.

My life was great. I was the right hand of my boss and as I go around the community, I give speeches in behalf of my boss. Some call me councilor hehe that was the time I was not even an elected in public office

That was the time I was filled with the enjoyment that the world would offer,

Never I realized I was away with my relationship with Jesus.

Transformation with The Miracle of the Holy Eucharist

I was invited to a music gathering in Araneta, never did realized it was a turning point in my life to serve a new mission.


I saw a priest. Holding a monstrance and showing it to the crowd

When it was directed where I was sitting, Jesus penetrated my hardened heart.

It healed my brokenness. I began to sob, crying for I know i have sin against God Big time.

God saved me.

Looking back, it is a day of a big transformation for me.

I was back in the streets, this time not to condemn the church, but to convince people to go back to our church.

In the Most Holy Sacred Heart of Jesus. God renewed me

When I said yes to God’s will. He guided me with the Holy Spirit

I learned more about the sacrifices of our Saints, I learned about their life, teaching and the relationship with Jesus

I am so blessed to have known a lot of the Saints.

They helped me in my journey, in the healing of people

Praying with Mother Mary, angels and Saints is one of the things that strengthens my faith in God.

I joined The National Shrine of the Sacred Heart Charistmatic Community. One by one my dreams came true.

His will, His time.

Soon after, I got married and served the church

I was elected as a Community Councilor and after my term our community was chosen as one of the cleanest and greenest in Makati


End of my term of office and with my work, I was nominated as ten Outstanding Young Men in the Philippines in 1999

A sign of Peace with the Church. Catholic Church

Our church was renovated and had install a place for the Relic of Saint Mary Alacoque

Cardinal Sin was there to bless it,

There was a big crowd and in that crowd I was asked by our Bishop to hold the Holy Water,

It’s was not only a symbolism but a way of my reconciliation with the head of the Catholic Church,

Truly God is alive. Before, today and forever

I was loss and found Jesus.

In the Catholic Church.

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. God is there to renew us.

Saint Mary of Alacoque pray for us

It is not a coincidence, God allowed it to happen so I would be God witness of his presence.


Year 2000, I left the Philippines with the blessings of our Bishop on the closing of the Jubilee door.

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