History of Comelec and Smartmatic collusion

It was not a surprise for me that Comelec and Smartmatic has again work hand in hand in the Political exercise of 2022.

They tried but failed.

Comelec Spokeperson was caught initiating printing of ballots

The first indicator was the excess ballots that was already being printout without the presence of party representatives buti na lang nahuli agad.

Ano ang consequence if this was not caught. Maulit uli yung nangyari sa mindanao nuong 2016.

How the ballot was designed

The circle to be shade for BBM is just on the left side of Leni. Kung nagkamali ka nang lagay.leni got your votes.

Unknown to many this alliance has been here since the time of President Cory Aquino

Malloch Brown has been intervening on political affairs In different countries

He is likewise has a big influenced in Word Bank, thus make us subservient to their monitary Policy.

No wonder we gave in to their desire to sell our public industries like Oil among others

Aside from the hands of Mr. Malloch Brown there was a sign of intervention of the Senate and the CIA to remove President Ferdinand Marcos.

It was after the death of Ninoy Aquino that spiraled our economy to it worsts condition.

The IMF world bank did not provide us loan to pay our foreign debt.

The United States finds it very important to immediately remove Marcos otherwise there is a possibility of Communist Turnover

What happed after EDSA

It truly amazing how the church look at the Yellow party. It’s spotless. Daang Matuwid

So what really happening during EDSA revolution

Like what is happening in Russia Putin Administration. There was an economic sanction to bring our economy and administration down in our knees.

Take note that the person who led the walkout was the wife of the Rebel group Red Kapunan.

It getting clearer now.

Smartmatic and Comelec was there to bring down Bong Bong Marcos

Thanks that Andrés Bautista was removed from office and that finally James was removed after the retirement of Comelec Commissioner Guanzon.

If you look at what the pinklawan are doing, it is indeed the advise of Mr Malloch Brown to demonized Marcos

I am very much concern about what they could do this coming election.

Either, a repeat of the April6liberation Movement or something like the Ferguson protest with the Antifa and leftist organization

When they change the Party from yellow to pink I was just very alarmed. As pink represents Planned Parenthood Abortion

And today we are in battle between the Pro and Anti Abortion in America


Wake up! Those people who are pushing to legalized abortion is the group behind Leni Robredo

We a have seen the sudden signature of support from United Nations Retirees and who could ever influence to do that except for former United Nation officer

We have seen a news that the European Union is not to support Bong bong Marcos. Who could ever do that not for the group OPEN Society’s officer

Even in the propaganda the Lenj Camp is using is a copy from other countries feminist group

For many years we have seen Rappler and other entities having a hand in propaganda against Marcos and the present Administration.

We have a comelec who stands for fairness and how could she be fair when she was part of the campaign against Marcos even from the Time of Snap Election

With the Social Media they are exposed but like what happened if it goes against Lenj they are removed by Facebook and othe social Media outlet.

it’s very clear they are funding by NEDS,

Vera files, Rappler and Philippines Center for investigative journalism

What can Smartmatic Do. Make or break an election

This is a result of the manipulation of the Smartmatic

This Sunday there will attack on our churches because of the Anti Abortion bill.

Wake up.

It’s not about Leny it’s the lefties Democrats that is in there . The power behind Leny.

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