Wednesday 3 am here in America I gave a talk via zoom in the Philippines with my former group National Shrine of the Sacred Heart Catholic charismatic Community.

I called them up two weeks ago as my heart is telling me there is needs for healing and a love.

A lot of people being hurt by people who are supposed to love them. Family and we need to address this.

It is likewise in preparation for Advent.

It just make me smile as the gospel and the insight of that night says about forgiveness.

Sa loob ko. They got the message na pala even before the talk. Hehe.

Seriously, I have to give this talk because in many instances I would say that there serious wound that we have in our heart that we need to let go so that we could have space for God’s love in our hearts.

A friend of mind shared to me that all this pain in life had brought her to choose light.

Napagod na siya. She has with her now Faith.
Big faith that transformed her.

With this Supernatural gift of faith. The Holy Spirit pour upon her the gift of prayers.

Healing and miracles

Life is short and as we are preparing to present ourselves to God. He will surely look at our hearts.

There are evil spirit in this world, bitterness. Anger, feeling of abandoness, unlove. Unfairness. Sickness, addiction. Sexual abuse. Infedelity and a lot more.

We are all human and will feel this emotional pain and should need to address it.

Father Cris said it is not forgetting it, it’s about not seeking harm to the one who has hurt us.

In a book that I read, the author said Jesus told her likewise love the abuser.

Seems like our Lord in his mercy and grace wants each one of us to be save.

It happened to me today I feel being abused and being wronged and burst in anger. I am not perfect. As I sit down trying to cool myself. My heart told me to go and apologize for my anger.

I did apologize and it lightens up my heart.
Not even a second. God answered my prayer.

Please love, please share. Please forgive. Please ask for forgiveness. Please be human. Maka tao.

Ease the pain of this world.

When the wound is unbearable just offer it to Jesus

In the palm of his hand he can carry all your burdens
Believe and have peace in your

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