Witnessing to God’s miracle

In our clinic patients come and go. Call for 911 emergency is not new to us.

There was a patient who was scheduled to go the Philippine in the evening. He was telling us stories of his plans.

He came in very excited, unfortunately while still on the machine his BP dropped and passed out. They gave back his blood and gave him saline for him to recover.

The Nurse and staff did CPR and never give up.

With us is our Doctor who happened to be there doing rounds.

The doctor is telling us no pulse, . . He is not breathing.

They continued doing the CPR. Started praying for him. We did not give up even if the Doctor is telling us no pulse. The nurse continued to pump his chests. Checking for his vitals we know he is gone.

I saw him suddenly took a breath and I know he came back and recovered. The Paramedics came in to get him. It is a miracle

Weeks later he came back from the hospital. He is better now. He did not have broken ribs. Hmm He cannot recall anything

With him is the stampita. A picture of a saint that I gave him before he started his dialysis that day for his spiritual protection and guide in his trip to the Philippines

He said he saw it on his bed today before he came for his treatments

I just smiled knowing God healed him. The saint intervened

Am telling this story to say God is alive and still doing miracles.


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