Scott Hahn

I have been following Dr. Scott Hahn in Social Media and was so happy that he will be visiting Northern California and is just near our place

Weeks before I have asked to be off on that date but for some reason they could not give me as I just had 3 days off that week.

A day before the seminar I beg for my day off and was approved unfortunately the registration was already close.

I send a message to my friend of my situation and he told me to just show up.

I entered the church and was asked to fall in line and get a number to be accommodated

When the mass started I went with inside the chapel as instructed.

After the Mass i went inside and ask for available sit

I told him I was just alone he signaled an usher and exactly the person just in front move to another sit and got the great spot

God is really good, he listened to my deepest prayer.

Doctor Scott Hahn is a

On his talk he discussed where the Holy Eucharist was brought about in the Bible.

I even got a photo with him.

The next talk that he gave is about Holiness.

It was awesome because I just told about it to my friend.

It was ironic because I had this message posted many years ago.

Do more of what make you holy

End of the day they had a raffle and the person who got that book if Perla Maulino who happened to be my batch mate in high school in Saint Anthony school in Manila.

She is with a family friend Maulino her sister in Law.

Her husband Rey is our office mate in Dialysis.

2006 was a memorable year for me as it was the year that I attended a Life in the Spirit Seminar in Saint Vincent church. It’s an answered prayer

This situation is for me another manifestation that God allowed us to be together as family in Christ

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