Alsa Mass

Until 1986. Davao City was considered a
laboratory for the NPA’s new strategy of urban operations.
Davao’s large slum area,
Agdao, was run by a revolutionary
government and nicknamed Nicaragdao after the Central American country.
At the height of Communist Party power, NPA partisans, called sparrows
carried out liquidations of police officers
with impunity.

There were an average of two to three killings
a day, whether by the NPA, right-wing groups,
or criminals.
According to police records, in 1986,
over 40 government and police officials were liquidated or died in encounters with the NPA.

In addition, legal left-wing groups led students,
workers. and unemployed
“out of school youth” in general strikes
that periodically shut down the entire city.
Could have been the working of the Kilusang Mayo Uno or other leftist organizations

Alsa Masa was formed
the situation is radically different.
Left control has collapsed.
There are no more massive strikes.
According to police records, killings of all types are down to slightly less than one a day.
In the last fifteen months, only 10
government forces died in liquidations or encounters: the NPA suffered 16 deaths.
Wealthy businessmen who fled to Manila
have returned Restaurants,
bars, and discos that once had

I have met Baby Aquino. He heads the ALSA MASA
He is the best friend of my former boss and neighbor who is a Pilot,

In Manila he brings something from Davao,

This is a appeal. End Communism

Ctto data on Alsa Masa

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