Light to forgive

Just recently somebody shared a story that came about true transformation. A HEART OF HAPPINESS THAT CAME ABOUT BECAUSE OF FORGIVENESS.

This a reason to celebrate because it gives me to believed that all things is posible and there is no such thing as a heart of stone and in every heart there is always a space for Love.

This happened with no funfares, they met and told ehats in their heart and forgive. The most amazing transformation I saw is the glow of happiness and peace in the eyes of each one.

Christmas PRAYER

WHAT was your prayers I asked one of my friends. Told me that I prayed for peace, happiness and understanding. Continued telling me that she takes care of cancer patients before and took care each one of them with love. SHE DOES NOT SEES COLOR, AGE, THEIR STATUS, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME, AM OLD AND HAPPY. SHE is presently a dialysis patient. I hold her hands while she told me about the passing of her husband year ago and that some day they will be once again be together as he is always in his heart. WITH A BIG SMILE IN HER EYES SHE SAID THANK YOU Reflecting on this. Life is short, be a blessing to others.. Love one another as I have Love you says the Lord That is likewise my prayer for my family and friends. MAY GOD bless you all and may the love of the Lord be in your heart. Before the end of the year I’ll be sending gift to the children in Zamboanga. MANY THANKS FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING THIS PROJECT. SEE SO MUCH JOY IN THEIR EYES. THE SAME JOY THAT CHRIST JESUS HAVE WHEN WE SHARE OUR BLESSINGS. MERRY CHRISTMAS