lawyer for the poor

Year 1999 Manila, Philippines passed the Anti Pilferage law.

This was to address the concern of the government to end illegal connection of electric which is prevalent that time.

It is a social reality that there are those living in shanties near the rail road, river banks and other private lots. Many of those structure I mentioned were mostly having electric powers illegally.  They put jumpers from electric post . 

Many of them have small appliances and electric lights connected illegally by people who collected money for their services. Electricity is a need,

This issue of electrification was there for a long time but solution is not there.

When this Law was passed,  people from Meralco send some survey per household for possible electrification.

After collecting all the data on electric consumption per household, they came back for a meeting as the gathered together suddenly police cooperative showed up and pick them up loading them in van and book them on the anti pilferage law.

Each family were charge base on the usage / consumption of electricity based on number of years and appliances they used. 

No much help is there since people are afraid they will be incriminated as well. This was a very hot issue. The men and the ladies,  young and old were send among the jail inmates in the city. They are not hardened criminals why are they not separated from the inmates.

They seek my helped and met with the Police Chief to get the whole picture of what needs to be done.

People was put in jail and was asked by the court to post bail which is paid by bond worth P3,000.00 for their temporary release.

It’s hard for those people working as tricycle drivers, carpenters, plumbers, fish vendors, housemates to get that kind of money.

Theres was some chaos, people don’t know what to do.

People was scared for another round up by the police, aggravated with financial problem.s

The Barangay council and the officers of the PNR community raised funds, donations to augment funds needed for the release of the families.

I could still recall one peace officer “Tanod” of the community asking for help, he is afraid of being assaulted up by inmates he send to jail. 

Children was affected about their parents in jail and getting sick.

The first hearing was heard in court with a legal representative from the Urban poor.

This lawyer was given a small payment from money collected in the area.

Each case is different, there was P30,000. and some P10,000 .

I went to some friends from the corporate office of Maralco.

The corporate secretary who was a partner on community program we have in Makati YMCA for out of school youth assisted us with their legal Department. 

They allowed us to settle all cases for P5,000.00 provided they will have a legal connection on the area. The case run for about a month.

On the final judgement of the court case was dismissed upon payment of P 5,000.

.The court allowed me to represent them as their attorney.

It was one of the happiest  moment of my life seeing joy in their eyes. Our sacrifices paid off, all of them cheering, shouting from the court corridors to the street.

Shout of freedom.  Thanking Jesus.


2nd phase Program for electrification.  

Meet with people from Meralco and the city engineering office to discuss power meter installation.

Support from the City and Public officials was poured in to finish this program on time.

As a councilor of that village, we created an urban development committee to improved data collection and mapping for the area.

The houses got lighted, the children were able to study not with candles anymore.

A happy day for everyone,


Presently the program for the poor continued and was so elated about it.

Thanks to the continued support by our parish.

Programs for the poor continued.

Thank be to God

Morning Presence

I woke up just now with this on my tv. EWTN Catholic show.

In his homily the priest said to be in the presence of the Holy Eucharist etc.

All that he said. I did last night in the Adoration chapel before midnight thank giving day.

Exactly as I opened my eyes,


This is my story.

Two week ago there was a lady, a friend of mind asked me to pray for her for her 2 tumor and she wanted it done in the adoration chapel.

Her time in the adoration chapel is every Thursday evening.

Many years ago, I usually join her in her prayer time after my 4th shift work.

Just recently. She was the one who told me to pray for somebody in the adoration chapel on the feast day of Saint Anthony. Days of miracles.


Please for her healing. Let us just call her Sister Angel

Serving Makati YMCA , Rotary Club of Makati Amorsolo

In a short visit in the Philippines last September 2019, i am very fortunate to meet once again people who trusted me in providing program for the youth and the community.

Doc. Ramona Morales, the President of Makati YMCA appointed me as one the Board of Director of YMCA and a program director in the early 90’s

She took care of me and consider me as a son. I will always be greatful to her.

She told about the programs that they have right now and was happy of the development of the program we stated a long time ago.

More the the programs, am so proud of the youth leaders that we trained. They are responsible as what we have dreamed for them.


The fruits of our labor from the past.

One of the best thing that I did in my life is making myself available to the betterment of our community.

As a youth leader, I see the need to make the youth responsible future leader of our country.

In silence, I just thank the Lord for making me an instrument in making a difference in the life of people and the community.

Photo below are some programs we have in the 90’s. Mskati YMCA and the Rotary club of Makati Amorsolo.,



shine : to have a bright glowing appearance.


I once went to DMV to renew my license, it was late afternoon as I sit there waiting nothing do I just glance at every teller.

When my number was called, I went immediately to the teller assigned to me as I approached the window I saw her face glowing.

I couldn’t stop telling what I had seen.

I told her you are glowing. she stopped doing what she is doing and told me thank you I needed that.

After my papers was done my heart is telling me something, pray for her which I did. She was happy about it and her eyes glowed more.

Wow inside my car I reflected on it. Oops. What if that person is sensitive and took it negatively to what I have done i could have been I trouble. I said it’s ok and left.

It all happened for a reason only God’s knows. I just followed.


Me Praying in Kaiser October 2019.

Went for a doctor check up in Kaiser. Again waiting for my turn to be called. I turned to the person on my side and asked her.

Hi how are you what made come here. She said about her pain and next thing I asked her so where are you from and where do you go to church then can I pray over you which I did upon her approval. She told me she believes in the healing power of prayers.

She was so happy as I did. As we depart she asked me, are you converting me. Nothing to say I just said I just did followed my heart. I smiled and left.

Now I could see her glow.

I know she got my message.


Glowing face like an angel

I attended a recent concert of Cecille Azarcon.

That concert was very special for me because her songs has inspired and help me in my spiritual growth.

Lift up your hands to God sang by Basil Valdez was my favorite.

As I waited in the lobby there was a lady whose face I noticed was glowing. I just told her your face is glowing.

As she look at me and I panicked not knowing what to say.

You look very spiritual then my sister Jeanette greeted her and hug her. They were close friends from San Francisco.

Well I would not be surprised. She got a lot of friend from the carpool lane.

We went out took some pictures with some celebrity singers and as we parted she told me she just went to Holy Land.

I invited her to attend a seminar on holiness for the next day in Saint Vincent. She told me she has a prior commitment to serve the homeless at Saint Vincent in San Francisco.

She invited me to go to Lourdes someday as a volunteer. Hmmm. God made my day.

Went home with a big smile.

This is another spiritual journey for me.

Before this concert, I got to know the story about her Songs. It all about Jesus


What make us glow

I kept on asking myself what makes people glow and the Lord answered my prayer.

It was almost two months and my hands is not yet healed from my tennis Elbow.

I felt frustrated because apart from this pain, it seems I cannot get all my paper work done for my medical leave.

Heart broken, I cried it out, to let go of my anxiety, to let go of my burdens.

My physical therapist told me stories about some people who actually is even worse.

She said about her experiences in coping of letting go of burden in her past job.

Then told her stories of my work in the philippines. My experience working in the community , with the homeless my accomplishments….

After which she told me.

John you see now you are glowing.

That afternoon I watch a show about healing.

The man said. To have to tried to look at things positively.

As you wake up in the morning be glad even for your trials and pain. Thank God,

It changed me, now I am smiling to the fullest and I thank God for that.

Yes God is real

Writing Notes

Writing notes not to show am better or holier than others.

writing my thoughts is my expression of my love to Jesus. Writing to be a witness that there is God living in our midst.

Have listened to people shared their spiritual journey and that build up my faith even more.

that is where I push myself to share Love of God today. To bring hope and encourage people do the same.

There was a man who became a priest, his transformation is not by extraordinary experience or miracle.

He was stunned by a young person in prayers, singing praise and in adoration in a youth worship concert.

His leading to priesthood is about wanting to be the person praying with peace,with purity of heart with all praise and worship.

We are all special

We are all special.

With all the 💝 gift of the Holy Spirit and with prayers deep from your heart, listen and you’ll will be send to where God needed most. God came not for saint but for sinners like us. Repent, confess and ask God mercy…. Let God dwell in our purest heart., not on our heart pure of hate and anger, pride. .

with a peaceful and a loving heart you will experience God’s love, you’ll see miracles and healing.

It starts with Saying yes. God center of our being. God center of our life.

Thank you, you are all part of this Spiritual Journey and God is connecting us. That is what Bishop Mylo told me, if this experience brings us in communion with Christ it is a validation of the Holy Spirit working on us.

Life is not about us. we do fail but not God.

We have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit to give us strength and to give us light

Who is Jesus in our life

This question is for all of us. Do you know your life purpose?

As a youth leader in the 80’s it was all clear that my purpose was to serve the youth in the community. Ako at Kabataan

(kabataang Barangay, Rotary, Ymca, Nssh parish youth council)

In the 90’s. (John4nature) Kapit Kamay para sa Kalikasan)

(Makati Task Force on Solid Waste Management, Pasig River Rehabilitations. Philippines Japanese Friendship Program..)

Serving my community ( forever)

year 2000. (St. Vincent Charismatic, Couples for Christ, Pro-life)

All for Jesus.

There are lot of things that our Lord wants to give and share to us in this kingdom here on earth. His Love and mercy.

it’s up to us and ask. He is knocking in our hearts.

Say Yes to Jesus.

Your servant is listening.

Sabi ng isa, i am not into that. am not a fanatic. if the Lord called you to serve,no is not an answer.

He will be there in your side until you believe.

The Lord will not give you a work you cannot handle.