happy Color this world with a helping Hand.k

Kabataang Barangay, noon hangang ngayon.

As a child it never occurred to me to be involved in the community not until a Barangay Kagawad pushed me to run as a youth Chairman in the community.

Kabataang Barangay open up my life to serve our youth and our community and this enable me to understand my role in life, the true meaning of life.

Ako at ang mga kabataan,

my life with the youth did not end after my term of office as I continued my service as a assistant KB youth development officer of Makati in the 80’s, legislative staff officer in Makati and was elected kagawad in our community.

New avenue to work with the youth in the 90’s continues as a Parish Youth Coordinator at the National Shrine of the Sacred heart, Makati YMCA  community and youth officer and the Rotary.

In california, got my life involved in the parish Charismatic community, Couples for Christ and Zamboanga Hermoza of Northern California.

One of the projects done was the distribution of some slippers to some area of zamboanga.

Got surprised that those gift to reached the children it needs to carried in the fields and be brought in a small boat. 

This opened an opportunity to once again work on a mission for the youth.

Giving Joy to the children of Zamboanga.

December 2015, with the support my officemates, we sponsored a christmas party celebration and gift giving for the children affected by the war in zamboanga.

This project with the help of my officemates continued with the distribution of school supplies in some barangays in Zamboanga before the start of school year of 2015.

December 2016,

December 2016 the support that we gave , was given to those children affected by fire last christmas and some for the kids in the community.

We could do more to help them by supporting their programs and project 

we could do a lot of things and make a difference in our own way.

That the true meaning of life. giving a life of hope to others.

Political ISSUE – environment






Raul Oloy Javier

This May 09, 2016  Makati City, Philippines will have to choose a leaders in the City Council. I am endorsing Councilor Raul Javier not because he is my best friend but for his commitment to continue to serve the youth and the community.

May this blog, be a way of knowing Councilor Raul Oloy Javier. His accomplishments and legacy. Makati deserve the best.

OLOY = Outstanding Leader of Youth

In the 80’s,  He was elected Kabataang Barangay chairman and in this capacity he was  given the opportunity to attend meetings with the elder community council, to deliberate and approve ordinances and resolution for the youth and community in general.


The Kabataang Barangay Chairman, elects among themselves to be part of an Executive Committee that will create programs for the youth.

One of the KB leaders before is Sec Adrian Christobal Jr.

One of the highlights of Youth program before is Himig ng Kabataan.

Mr. Edgar Sagun  spearheaded the 1982 Makati  Himig ng kabataan.  Our youth discovered talents for singing and became a stepping stone for their success in life.
Photo:  Himig ng Kabataan @ San Miguel Auditorium164796_492922739138_556949138_6136688_6099295_n

Finance Committee Chairman 

Raul Oloy Javier worked for the KB funding for Makati

Raul Oloy Javier initiated a dialogue with the Municipal Administrator to allow the KB to use allocated funds for the youth as per Local Government code. Upon presentation of the proposal to the Mayor, it was approved. Still remember, the youth were happy in jubilation because the lined up programs that we have would be immediately implemented.


Raul Oloy Javier as a youth leader Underwent training  on leadership,  value formation  and Nationalism

The youth were also given lectures on Project Planning and Development, Parliamentary Procedure.

Philippine Youth Representaive : 18th International Youth Camp

He was chosen delegate to the 18th Unesco International Youth camp in Seoul Korea.  The first ever sponsored trip for the youth by the Municipality of Makati under Mayor Nemesio I Yabut. Went home proud to be a FILIPINO as the delegate lobbied. “A call for  Youth Participation in Nation Building.”

Raul Oloy Javier served as a Barangay Captain, the youngest at the time.


Elected Councilor for 3 terms with flying colors. He presented himself with a great educational background and numerous achievements.

As chairman of Youth and Sports development he focused on having a sports complex in the different barangays of Makati.

Support  to the City’s Sport Development Program

Raul Oloy Javier is one of the sought-afterspeakers in Graduations and leadership programs. Symposium, Anti-Drug abuse Seminars, Community planning and Seminars

PCYA, DILG and Councilor Javier worked for the  inclusion of Sangguniang Kabataan in the Local Government Code. 
Local youth participation came with the creation of the 1991 Local government code (Republic Act No. 7160) by Senator Nene Pimentel with the Department of Local Government and the lead Government Agency Presidential Council of Youth Affairs. The office of Councilor Javier provided needed documents and support for SK creation.  Representing the office of Councilor Raul Javier , I attended  Sanguniang Kabataan Trainor’s Training course for the Sangguniang Kabataan. 20140414-232216.jpg

Makati held SK training sponsored by the Department of Local Goverment, PCYA and with the office of Councilor Javier. 20140422-065106.jpg

Some of the Youth that we trained are now themselves City Officials of Makati.




Ang isa Mga kabataan noon kasama Sa PSYP ay ngayon Mapsa Director. Sa Mga Mapsa Sampu ng kanilang pamilya Sana Po suportahan ninyo si Konsehal Oloy Javier. Independent Po Siya Kaya wala tayong problema.

What is PSYP.

it is  a program that provide youth opportunity to work during summer vacation. Selected youth were able to work in the government based on their skills, interest and capability.

The office of Councilor Javier with PCYA initiated the 1991 Ship for Southeast Asia Youth Program Interaction with Local Youth.

RAUL OLOY JAVIER as Basyong Basurero. Chairman: Makati Task Force on Solid Waste Management.

  • Conducted Search for the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay,

Cleanest Schools in cooperation with the City School District of Makati with the theme Munting Kamay sa Kalinisan  aalalay


Intensified Information Education  and the Enforcement.


Organized Market Vendors and Administrators to implement clean environment of wet Markets.

Presentation of Basyong Basurero


OPLAN: TAPAT TAPAT (Kalinisan ng Bayan sa sariling barkuran simulant)


 Makati winner of the cleanest and Greenest City in Metro Manila for 3 years.

Civic Program of Councilor Javier as a Military Reservist.

  • OPLAN: Kaluluwa.  It’s a multi sectoral  program among local Paramedics, Volunteers, Media, and Civilian Military reservist  that  provided Order and peace during the Observance of All Saints day.

The T -shirt in yellow was our first donor in our campaign. pumunta Yung kanyang pamilya upang iPa abot Ang kanyang suporta. kahit gipit Kami Sabi namin kalaban Tayo at Ang Laban nA eto ay para Sa inyo. Salamat Lando.

  • OPLAN: Sagip Mata free eye check up and reading glasses for the residents of Makati.

  • Involved in the Pasig River Rehabilitation Program (PRRP).

Pasig River Resettlement Program: Screening of families for resettlement.


Paint a can contest project in celebration of the Pasig River Environmental Day with DENR and MARIH.  (Makati Association of Riverside Industries and Hotel)


Si Perly ay aming supporter Siya Ang ay isang nA successful women Sa ibang Bansa on Environment

Preparatory Committee:  National Movement of Young Legislator

Councilor Raul Javier: Chairman Committee on Finance.

Active Member of the National Councilor league of the Philippines.
Councilor Raul Oloy Javier was an environmental advocate legislator.  He passed ordinances that are  now being used for Waste Reduction not only in Makati but other parts of the Philippines.

During his term of office, he did his best to enable our street sweepers, clean and green employees to hold a permanent position to show his love and concern for them.

This is one of his  greatest legacy.

He inculcated to his co workers the word.  “MALASAKIT” readiness to sacrifice to answer the needs of others. .

There are many more things that we need to do. Elect the best for Makati Council. Raul Oloy Javier # 16 first District councilor .

It is truly difficult to run as an independent, with limited resources but we can do it. Ang campaniang eto ay magmumula sa masa.A silent whisper among the masses became a loud call today.  Tuloy Tuloy Oloy.

RAUL OLOY JAVIER for Makati Council District One.  Number #16 for May 16 election.



#16 # 16 #16 #16 #16 #16




Remembering Papa. Man of heart.


It’s my father 30th death anniversary  February 14, 1986  when my Papa left this world, he had a colon cancer and survived,  but did not make it when he had an heart attack. It’s a real killer. A day would not be enough to write about my father.  He was my inspiration. A nationalist, a simple man, a man of honor, with dignity and humility. A man with a big heart, full of love to his family, friends and relatives, a cheerful giver.

Life is short, we don’t know where it ends. If there is some lesson I learned about life (aside from having a healthy living and believing that Health is wealth), it is about opening our hearts to love one another. Fill it with Love and share it to others. It is my prayer that our hearts be healed so we could experience Pure love, along with a forgiving heart and a heart of Jesus. Without Jesus in our hearts, there will always be emptiness. Although we may have all the wealth in life, we cannot truly achieve peace or sign of true happiness. As what my father said, “Always Love your Mom and your siblings.” That is the same message to all. LOVE not only today but everyday! Also, Happy Valentine’s Day! Hugs and kisses to all.  I AM VERY BLESSED TO HAVE ALL OF YOU IN MY LIFE. Proud of you Papa. Engineer Wilfrido Sebastian AtilAno.
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Life of light

As I work among patients it makes me reflect about life.  Each one has its own unique personality, mindset, outlook and preferences.  Each of them has their own stories. Have you think about the story of your life as it unfolds everyday. Is there any changes, meaning and substance. 

Come to think about your life. Was it a choice or was it a circumstance that allowed you to be there, a reason for being. Living a life to the fullest means to be a light to others. To Serve, to love, to share. Coloring your world with a helping hand. In my work I learned to realized that in any minute one life could end and life story ends at the same time. I acknowledge that there is an end to everything but life goes on. might not be there in the end but I know there will be somebody that will continue what you shared in life. A legacy that people will remember. Your smile, your generosity, your love, and the other you. Your being you. Reflecting, Did we do good on our part as a father, a mother, a student a doctor, a priest, a driver, a messenger a neighbor or in any role. then be happy about it. Life is short, make the best of everything. Come to think of this. I am contended with my life I need no millions to be happy. I am happy because I made people happy. Family is our life. We should build it with love. True Family does not only confined in our house it extends  to our church, our workplace and community. It’s our foundation. Circumstances brings you to where you are. There is always a reason for everything. It just up to you to give your best to change this reality in life. a better you. A light of the world for others. With Hope, love and peace. It starts with a small step with God as our guide. Without God we are nothing. Let God be our light to be a light for others 

Meaning of Life.

For many years, I take time to share my reflection. It is in this reflection that I see my inner me, my thoughts on present realities. But is this the Real me?  It take time to build the real you. It’s all in your hand, we are just a clay. we create our life on what we are now. Life is not perfect, it’s full of trials and challenges. It’s full of crack we fall down but need to stand up. Fix ourself and move forward. We can deceive others but cannot deceive yourself. The other side of you. This is a your cross, and the only way to change it is when we allow God to help us in our cross in our struggles and in our sufferings. Look at the mirror. Ask yourself, Is this what the Lord wants me to be? Have I grown to be like Him. Merciful, cheerful Giver, humble, Caring, loving, peace maker, compassionate, grateful. Someday we shall be gone in this world, but honestly, it shall be the relationship that you have with people, your family, friends, your community that shall be your greatest legacy and the best judge is History. Being your true self  is when you start to walk your talk.  One step at a time and the first step is to find Jesus in our life. Without God we are nothing.

I wrote this note, many years ago and I reposting it to let others know how greatful am I to know God more after our PILGRIMAGE in Holy Land last September this year,

The Lord is alive!  we just need to seek Him and make Him part of your life,  I am not saying I am perfect follower of the Lord. There are trials in my life and spiritual struggle but I continues hold on to Him and this trials made me more stronger in my faith to Him.

Just last week Father Michael Fernandez told us in reflecting for today’s gospel that we seek him in our hearts, in  our own home. We need not have to look for him in a grandeur place.

  • It is in our inner self that the Lord will talk to us, ask Him and He will lead you.











Holy Eucharist. 

In the late 80’s and early 90’s was so much enrage with the Church  involvement in politics in the Philippines. It was that time that we are propagating filipinism but as we are doing it slowly I am turning away from my church. It just happened that I was invited to a music fest in Araneta collesium. Never did I realized that it will change my life. Did not know it was a charismatic praised and healing mass. There was a priest who raised the Holy Host and There I saw people being slained by the Holy Spirit. When it was pointed in my direction I felt the Lord touch my heart and changed me.  The only thing I said was Lord have mercy …

 I was just happy to experience this again. TJhe Lord is just awesome as when I was about to migrate for the US.symbolically he reconcile me with Cardinal Sin