Photography as an instrument of change.

Elected councilman of San Antonio village, Makati in the 90’s and was awarded cleanest and greenest community. My secret. Photography. 

I enjoyed taking  pictures of eyesores in the community and beautify it.

Pictured is good for documentation and progress report. 

Pictures is a great tool to enforce our laws. 

Pictures make government agencies do thier job effectively. 

  1. Social Media Complaints with photo moves faster when being posted by citizen watch or blogs. 

Pictures can be use to educate our public. 

Pictures as evidence  of basic violation of laws and crimes. 


As a tool to document of illegally posted 

I love this picture. This trucking was been there for a long time. it’s not only an eyesore but have some safety issues.

It all about having a political will.  Nothing is above the law.




Photography and political will works hand in hand

When you are getting tired of apprehending people  dumping garbage on street.

 Identify the site, beautify it and have the residence maintain it. 


Transform eyesore areas.015f5bb66a342ede179b6ee1bf157e7e0c09dead89_00001before019b497b8834c3ab2dadd530e7c6fc1803ecb40747 after

Green your community.0152db51abc5a1dfbad935708564bde84d128ee064


Always believed that Sidewalks are for pedestrians.  “Kalinisan ng bayan sa sariling bakuran simulan.”  Cleaning of our community starts in our own backyard.

End of day a happy reward for the community.014439128a880f45113437d17c85fe9d717296c9ee 013189f5c629ccb2451b9f2eab5ba86c6f32dc257701b850e54324fe01ccb2746e7cbe2aa8f14ec8df19

Truly Photography makes a better community. . Could not have happened without the support of everybody in the Community. Our Barangay Council headed by Engineer Ricardo Alindayu and our staff. The Youth and the Business partners. To our community. Maraming Salamat Po.    Let’s Join Our Hands for Nature

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