My trials in my Spiritual Journey

My life is so blessed as I was born with a twin brother who is always there in my side. When my twin Brother James Died 15 years ago while working abroad, I was so devastated, I went to a priest to ask why these things happen. That time I was so active in our parish, sabi Ko bakit Lord, I have served you Tapos this happen. My life was shattered, it was as if half of me died also. Deep in my heart I Told God, please help me. This is too much for me. Help me in my suffering. The Lord allowed me to see the place where he died as I got an invitation to study in Japan and had the opportunity to go be there. A miracle happened year after His death, The Lord have given us a Baby girl on our Birthday something that we had waited for about five years. Before this tragedy happened we went to a doctor that specializes on women who cannot get pregnant in our desire to have our baby but did not push thru because of sudden death. the Lord gave us a baby on a natural way. Indeed the Lord said suffer not, you have now a baby to rejoiced . She was born as a blessing and we named her Jamie. Joyce, Anne Marie. truly God is good






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