Growing our Kids with Christ.

My daughter attended a retreat this weekend that made me so happy.  This time as one of the servants youth volunteer catechist that helped this year’s confirmation class at St. Catherine. Indeed, my baby has grown up with a life with Jesus in her heart. It humbles me.  For me that would be one of an achievement that any parent should have.  Bringing their children to God. To know Him, Love Him and to serve Him.  Children are such hope and gift to the world.

As she grew up, she always prayed and knowing that, makes me feel so blessed. Believing that in any time She has God to lean on in all her trials, failings, and success. I just wish she would continue to be responsible as she is. She told me last night after the weekly confirmation meeting  that when parents go home from work so tire, we rest. In her case, after school, she play her sports, she have this,  then still have to do some homework.  She was not complaining. Maybe she was just wondering how she has been able to do this all this time.  In silence, only with Jesus who comforts her.

She has her own world. I cannot push something that I wanted all the time. She has her ways.  Just happy she choose Jesus as one of her priorities.

There are lot of avenue for our children to grow spiritually, Christian Youth Ministry in our parishes, we have Youth for Christ and  Kids for Christ Ministry in our Couples for Christ Ministry.

Start  them young. This opportunity should open up starting from uszgui5eii5om7u5u7c5aiagmeobxbhszj.

Parents.  Let us give some rest in the arms of Jesus. Our greatest Achievement is living ourselves as a better parent, better husband and wife. We can’t really do this without God in the center of everything.

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