Papa John

I was elected as a youth Leader in the community way back in the 80’s.

One speaker Ka. Popo Villanueva told us to build a legacy, a good name that will make your children be proud of you.

As years went by, I became aware of the meaning of my existence. I am here to serve the God, My family, community and my country.

To be an agent of change, be an inspiration of the youth and lastly to work to protect and conserved Nature which became one of my Advocacy.

John4Nature. Magkapit Kamay para sa Kalikasan. Let Us Join Our Hands for Nature.   Service is a part of my life and been enjoying to be in a community.

In 2000 I left the philipines and migrated to the United States. This is a new world for me and there is something I am thankfu for, it gave me more time for my family. Let us all treasure the quality time for the family. Life is different here in America it is a unending work. So greatful that I am part of couples for Christ with my family knowing in any time I will be called by the Lord, there is somebody that they can hold on. The greatest Father in this world. Our Father in heaven, He is the reason for Living. To know Him, Love Him and to serve HIm. salute all father’s they deserved to be honored, it is my prayer may they continue to be the priest of their families. 

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