Meaning of Life.

For many years, I take time to share my reflection. It is in this reflection that I see my inner me, my thoughts on present realities. But is this the Real me?  It take time to build the real you. It’s all in your hand, we are just a clay. we create our life on what we are now. Life is not perfect, it’s full of trials and challenges. It’s full of crack we fall down but need to stand up. Fix ourself and move forward. We can deceive others but cannot deceive yourself. The other side of you. This is a your cross, and the only way to change it is when we allow God to help us in our cross in our struggles and in our sufferings. Look at the mirror. Ask yourself, Is this what the Lord wants me to be? Have I grown to be like Him. Merciful, cheerful Giver, humble, Caring, loving, peace maker, compassionate, grateful. Someday we shall be gone in this world, but honestly, it shall be the relationship that you have with people, your family, friends, your community that shall be your greatest legacy and the best judge is History. Being your true self  is when you start to walk your talk.  One step at a time and the first step is to find Jesus in our life. Without God we are nothing.

I wrote this note, many years ago and I reposting it to let others know how greatful am I to know God more after our PILGRIMAGE in Holy Land last September this year,

The Lord is alive!  we just need to seek Him and make Him part of your life,  I am not saying I am perfect follower of the Lord. There are trials in my life and spiritual struggle but I continues hold on to Him and this trials made me more stronger in my faith to Him.

Just last week Father Michael Fernandez told us in reflecting for today’s gospel that we seek him in our hearts, in  our own home. We need not have to look for him in a grandeur place.

  • It is in our inner self that the Lord will talk to us, ask Him and He will lead you.











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