Life of light

As I work among patients it makes me reflect about life.  Each one has its own unique personality, mindset, outlook and preferences.  Each of them has their own stories. Have you think about the story of your life as it unfolds everyday. Is there any changes, meaning and substance. 

Come to think about your life. Was it a choice or was it a circumstance that allowed you to be there, a reason for being. Living a life to the fullest means to be a light to others. To Serve, to love, to share. Coloring your world with a helping hand.

In my work I learned to realized that in any minute one life could end and life story ends at the same time. I acknowledge that there is an end to everything but life goes on. might not be there in the end but I know there will be somebody that will continue what you shared in life.

A legacy that people will remember. Your smile, your generosity, your love, and the other you. Your being you. Reflecting, Did we do good on our part as a father, a mother, a student a doctor, a priest, a driver, a messenger a neighbor or in any role. then be happy about it. Life is short, make the best of everything. Come to think of this. I am contended with my life I need no millions to be happy.

I am happy because I made people happy. Family is our life. We should build it with love. True Family does not only confined in our house it extends  to our church, our workplace and community. It’s our foundation. Circumstances brings you to where you are.

There is always a reason for everything. It just up to you to give your best to change this reality in life. a better you. A light of the world for others. With Hope, love and peace. It starts with a small step with God as our guide. Without God we are nothing.

Let God be our light to be a light for others 

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