Remembering Papa. Man of heart.


It’s my father 30th death anniversary  February 14, 1986  when my Papa left this world, he had a colon cancer and survived,  but did not make it when he had an heart attack. It’s a real killer. A day would not be enough to write about my father.  He was my inspiration. A nationalist, a simple man, a man of honor, with dignity and humility. A man with a big heart, full of love to his family, friends and relatives, a cheerful giver.

Life is short, we don’t know where it ends. If there is some lesson I learned about life (aside from having a healthy living and believing that Health is wealth), it is about opening our hearts to love one another. Fill it with Love and share it to others. It is my prayer that our hearts be healed so we could experience Pure love, along with a forgiving heart and a heart of Jesus. Without Jesus in our hearts, there will always be emptiness. Although we may have all the wealth in life, we cannot truly achieve peace or sign of true happiness. As what my father said, “Always Love your Mom and your siblings.” That is the same message to all. LOVE not only today but everyday! Also, Happy Valentine’s Day! Hugs and kisses to all.  I AM VERY BLESSED TO HAVE ALL OF YOU IN MY LIFE. Proud of you Papa. Engineer Wilfrido Sebastian AtilAno.

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