I went to denounce the church because of too much politiking. it was in the 80’s. i refer to call our bishop. Cardinal Mortal Sin.
I went back to church when the Lord touched my heart with a miracle of the Holy Eucharist and the rest is history. it changed me.
i served our church and i have met a lot of good priest with pure intentions. I met and served some who got astrayed too. It hurts me. but did not made me stay away from our church. because even in his weakness he has guided and took care of his shepard.
Let us pray for our church and our priest.
This is one of the moment where are church need us.
Prayers for our priest including each one of ut to be more purified. Life is not about us. its all about Jesus.

Praying that may each one be in God’s Love and mercy in the Holy Eucharist.

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