Longing for Christ. Thirst.

2017 I attended a Healing Ministry in Sacramento on Mr. Copeland. There were a lot people gather and in line to be prayed over.

I was looking at his daughter after her talk and wanted to take even just a picture of her with me but was not allowed to go near her by her staff as she went back on the stage in a hurry

Ate our lunch and walk around Sacramento Area. It was a very happy day for me as I was able to eat one of my favorite food, very authentic Sukiyaki.

It was a Sunday, some of our group were tired and wanted to go back to the convention center after visiting our Cathedral, I choose to stay and hear the Mass that day.

We all stayed and after even more happy to have a picture of the Bishop.

Me and Grace went back in the convention center and was surprised. The daughter of Mr. David Copeland was there with a lady friend alone walking inside the convention center.

My friend approach her to asked for prayers for guidance and Spiritual direction, as she was being prayed over she fell down resting in the Spirit and likewise came to me and likewise fell peacefully resting with the Holy Spirit.

We were the only one whom she prayed over and she went ahead inside the center.

As I woke up, there was an elderly Minister who talk to me and said. Are you thirsty?

I said yes without really understanding what he meant about it.

He put his hand on my head and once again I fell on the floor with somebody catching me. It was an awesome experience. My friend told me she was asking in her prayer to be prayed over the elder leader ministry and got our prayered answered.

Looking back, just a month ago. I dream about this word thirst so i shared it to my officemate and told me that Sister Jones just asked her to talk with a group of teens about Thirst.

On the phone I talk what is on my mind as she wrote as I down on her phone.

She did her talk the and I asked her if there was a name of the group where she went.

She told me. Thirst.

On May 25, I attended the Annual Nornther Catholic Charistmatic Convention in Santa Clara. I went there listen about being thristy to the word of Christ.

It was awesome.

My friend came and bought a book of our speaker afterwhich he prayed for us.

until now, I do not know where the Lord is leading me.

I know there one thing. We are being called by the Lord and knocking in our hearts.

As Adrea said the other day. What importantly is you planted a seed in their hearts.


Connecting in dreams.

In my Spiritual Journey I always encountered situation that I know is the work of the Holy Spirit.  One of this is the connection of people in dreams.

This story of my Friend Elba’s dream happened September 22 2019. the day i’ll attend a catholic charismatic convention in San Francisco and is connected to my story of transformation.



Not known to many, it was in the early part of the 90’s. that i was so lost in this world.

This was the time that i was away from the church that I adore and love.

This was a period that became focus on National idealism, serving the people and our country but not in anyway spiritual.cropped-20140422-080208.jpg

This happened when I became so frustrated with so much politicking in the church. I hated the leaders of the church. i hated Cardinal Sin. Adding to this was the lectures and books that I read about Philippine history.

With so much involved in street activism, I was send to Zamboanga to cool off.


ELBA my friend invited me to attend an activity in Araneta. Not knowing it was a Charismatic Mass.

Father Larry  was the one in Elba’s dream and  has a big role in my transformation.


Inside Araneta, I was not even participating on what is happening around but something has caught my attention. its when the priest raised the Holy Eucharist. As it was directed to where I was seated, I felt peace in my heart, I felt God in my heart that I started to cry.  Inside me is telling myself,  God is alive and is there in the HOLY EUCHARIST.

After this spiritual experience I attended a life in the Spirit Seminar in the National Shrine of the Sacred heart. I became active in church and the community and my life was change forever.

It was the Miracle of the Holy Eucharist. The same Eucharist that we have every Sunday during Mass. In all Healing Mass, In All Adoration Chapel



God Healing Miracle.

One day during the blessing of the relic of St. Therese, Cardinal Sin was there and with so many people in the church, Bishop Tom Yalung called me to hold the Holy Water. A signed of reconciliation of me and the church

As a witness to my being unchurch, listen to my wife testimony of my transformation.   Am sharing this so others would know that there is True God that works in our lives and Tell everyone that God is ALIVE IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST.


Feast day of Saint Anthony June 13, 2019

Inner reflection.

How could I celebrate the Feast day of Saint Anthony de Padua when after numerous answered prayer I would say I did not know him that well,

I went to school at Saint Anthony in Manila and is in my heart and prayers.

Yes, I need to know Him more and he answered my Prayer.

This is my Story

After work that night, I went to the Adoration Chapel at Saint Dominic Church in Benicia..

After my silent prayers I took my phone out and read the story of Saint Anthony in my phone application Scrbd.

After my prayers went to my car and as I was about to leave, a lady came and asked me about a retreat I told her way back.

A spiritual retreat in California by Father James Blount S O L T.

Was it just coincidence that his talk will be at Saint Anthony Retreat Center in August?

You can listen to his talk in tube.

My friend told me there is a person inside, she is sick and needs a healing prayer.

I told her we can pray for her so we went inside and prayed over her.

In my prayers, I asked St. Anthony to intercede for her healing, later on she told me that she was likewise praying for Saint Anthony that time as her mother gave her a prayer book and is with her.

While praying at the Adoration Chapel, a deacon came and left a gift for my friend Arlene.

It’s a blessed St. Anthony statue and as I was about to take photo of her gift, with her permission, my phone battery failed/died.

She took this photo from her cell phone. That’s 11:38 pm.

Afterwards, went home and as I opened my Television and switched on EWTN Catholic TV program, I was so surprised. They just begun showing the story of Saint Anthony.

I finished watching Saint Antony story as I did reading his book that night.

Went to the Philippines, September 2019, my friend Obet Pascual and his family from Paete Laguna gave me a statue of Saint Anthony. Hmmm

Thank you Saint Anthony.

please pray for us.


Many of us have asked intercession and prayers from our Lord Jesus. Know Jesus in the Bible.

For the Saints, do the same, there are books and stories in the internet.

Great stories of love and transformation. They are all like us human, some stories like we have. Story where we can get inspiration.

If they can do it. In our own moment we can.

Know them and live like them. Holy

Dream of Maria March 3, 2019

John two nights ago I had a dream. We were around 10 or 12 pilgrims in the blessed sacrament. All of us were all in white. I remember seeing you John also all in white. being in the blessed sacrament I gathered all of us….Then I said “come now”….then I woke up.

While all of these were taking place , the ambiance was very bright and peaceful…