The Holy Spirit shows many forms of emotion . All that comes from Gods love. Be the light and bridge to many people to cross .. Don’t give up. be the light for others to see Gods grace. don’t just hope and wish. work hard for it.
Salvation is not just given its needs to be worked upon.

Give time to God, seek mercy and hold to His promise. PRAY not only for yourself but for others. Be the bridge like the saints..

Come Holy Spirit come. Discover what is life with the Holy Spirit. Let it be your guide.

Have a heart full of love, mercy and peace. difficult but attainable. Yes. in deep prayers.

You are Gods gift.

I know God love me so much that he made my life full of friends and families that has colored my world. GOD IS REAL HE JUST SHOWED ME A GREAT MIRACLE. Transformation.

We are blind with this world that unable us to see God works in our lives. Many times the Lord shall be bringing messenger of his Love.

And you are one of those, the person who bring good news, people that guides you. people that challenged you. people that prays for you. people that brings hope. people that shares their blessings.

people that cares for your spiritual being. they are just there around you.

i have been blessed with so much gift from the Lord. Thats you.

Thank you Lord

kayo yun. all of you.

Story about Evangelisation.His name is Jesus.

In one of our religion class we were asked to talk to somebody about God. I pick somebody in our neighbor whom i wanted to share God. I was so young then, not knowing that it is what we called street evangelization. I think i already wanted to talk to him, when i learned he had passed away. I was hit hard from this experience. Sabi ko, sana when he passed away nakilala niya si Lord. As i am sharing this, now i realized how could he not know Jesus. His parents name Him Jesus.

There are time when our Lord calls us to share his love to others and not realizing it.

Today is a day for peace. let us bring bridge to broken relationship. God is the only way. life is short. enjoy life with love.

May your soul rest in peace. From this experience, it gives me more reason to share God to others. Yes God is alive and is so real.

I went to denounce the church because of too much politiking. it was in the 80’s. i refer to call our bishop. Cardinal Mortal Sin.
I went back to church when the Lord touched my heart with a miracle of the Holy Eucharist and the rest is history. it changed me.
i served our church and i have met a lot of good priest with pure intentions. I met and served some who got astrayed too. It hurts me. but did not made me stay away from our church. because even in his weakness he has guided and took care of his shepard.
Let us pray for our church and our priest.
This is one of the moment where are church need us.
Prayers for our priest including each one of ut to be more purified. Life is not about us. its all about Jesus.

Praying that may each one be in God’s Love and mercy in the Holy Eucharist.

Bajun Cabral. Tunay na lingkod bayan.

Katatapos lang ng election ganun pa man di akong magsasawang itaas ang kamay mo. Mabuhay Ka Kaibigan.


Doon sa kanilang lugar sinimulan ang basketball tournament for Kids. Ants and Mosquito Division. (age 5-8) (9to 10 years old).

Every year we have programs for Christmas and during fiesta for the children in our community.

happy Color this world with a helping Hand.k

Kabataang Barangay, noon hangang ngayon.

As a child it never occurred to me to be involved in the community not until a Barangay Kagawad pushed me to run as a youth Chairman in the community.

Kabataang Barangay open up my life to serve our youth and our community and this enable me to understand my role in life, the true meaning of life.

Ako at ang mga kabataan,

my life with the youth did not end after my term of office as I continued my service as a assistant KB youth development officer of Makati in the 80’s, legislative staff officer in Makati and was elected kagawad in our community.

New avenue to work with the youth in the 90’s continues as a Parish Youth Coordinator at the National Shrine of the Sacred heart, Makati YMCA ¬†community and youth officer and the Rotary.

In california, got my life involved in the parish Charismatic community, Couples for Christ and Zamboanga Hermoza of Northern California.

One of the projects done was the distribution of some slippers to some area of zamboanga.

Got surprised that those gift to reached the children it needs to carried in the fields and be brought in a small boat. 

This opened an opportunity to once again work on a mission for the youth.

Giving Joy to the children of Zamboanga.

December 2015, with the support my officemates, we sponsored a christmas party celebration and gift giving for the children affected by the war in zamboanga.

This project with the help of my officemates continued with the distribution of school supplies in some barangays in Zamboanga before the start of school year of 2015.

December 2016,

December 2016 the support that we gave , was given to those children affected by fire last christmas and some for the kids in the community.

We could do more to help them by supporting their programs and project 

we could do a lot of things and make a difference in our own way.

That the true meaning of life. giving a life of hope to others.

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