Walking Towards Jesus

I wish we are all in one page. walking towards Jesus.

As I sin I can’t see the light.

More happy to see Jesus,

the Light than anything else in this world.

We are save when we walk towards Him, the Light of the world

I love you Jesus. My light and my salvation.

Lord as I wake up, let me always see you.

As we walk in this life. He is always there watching us. Guiding us towards Him.

Together as one, we walk towards Him.

When we walk in life, let Him be our light.

Bright future ahead of us when we walk toward Christ, the light of this world.

Papa Jesus, please save me. Let me see your light always

Right path towards Christ is the only way to true happiness

I am happy because I know you are always there watching me. Lifting me up when I am down. Helping me go in the right direction. Thank you Jesus

As we walk in this life, God will always see us in our hearts.

Only with peace that we could see the Light.

It’s lighter to walk towards God when we are without garbage. Anger, Hate, Addiction, Resentment, Unresolved Hurts, Frustrations, Pride, Unforgiving, Jealousy. . . . Sin. He died in the Cross to save us to remove this Garbage. Seek Him by confession He is waiting for us to replace this with Love.

Spiritual Journey is not about time we spent in this world, but the time we spend our life helping people.

Hope to be worthy till the end of time.

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