The Holy Spirit shows many forms of emotion . All that comes from Gods love. Be the light and bridge to many people to cross .. Don’t give up. be the light for others to see Gods grace. don’t just hope and wish. work hard for it.
Salvation is not just given its needs to be worked upon.

Give time to God, seek mercy and hold to His promise. PRAY not only for yourself but for others. Be the bridge like the saints..

Come Holy Spirit come. Discover what is life with the Holy Spirit. Let it be your guide.

Have a heart full of love, mercy and peace. difficult but attainable. Yes. in deep prayers.

One response to “Bridge”

  1. How amazing that through the vine we are enabled to be His bridges of love and compassion. I cannot thank God enough for leaving Holy Spirit to lead, guide, counsel, comfort, and advocate for us His people. Thank you for the encouragement of walking in step with Him today. ♥


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