In silence

Servant of Love means to have God’s Love in our hearts and as it dwells in us,

let God’s Love oveflows to others with our works, words, action and sacrifices.

To have this Love of God in our Hearts it needs to be purified.

Some of our Saints seek God in the wilderness in some instances in isolation to be in silence to hear His Master’s Voice.

Reflecting. What in particular time that we allowed God to enter our lives.

With so much noise and distraction of this world we sometimes neglect his Holy Presence.

It is with this situation that we are required to pray with out ceasing.

In silence as we hear His voice Harden not your Heart.

Trust on the word spoken to us.

Let our Lord transform us in His Mercy.

Have mercy on us sinner and as we lift everything to God, seek His direction with the Holy Spirit.

God want us to be close to Him. We need to look into our heart and work hard to make it a dwelling place for Him.

Let HIM BE ALWAYS PRESENT in all circumstances of our life.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for us.

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