He is present here before, today and the years to come.

The miracle that Jesus did is still happening in our life, we just need to believe.

We are now in the same Holy place where the apostles recieved numerous gift of the Holy Spirit .

There is a reason for everything.

As of this time I am still trying to reflect and decern what the Lord is asking me to do in this world.

Sinner as I am, I still seek prayers for my redemption.

Should the Lord once again pass this way to call me, i hope and pray that i would say Yes Lord i am here Lord.

i will go Lord where you lead me, i will hold you in my heart.

almost 8 pm i am here sitting at the black stone chair contemplating.

How could i reach you Lord.

Heart in your heart God said in my heart


i am sitting here near your body was laid down.

it makes me angry about myself for not being able to do your will inspite of the things that He did for me.

Dying from the cross

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