Praying from my heart at the Holy Sepulcher 2017

i bow down and talk to the Lord asking for forgiveness and redemtion for all my sins. Asking our Lord to truly change me and to transform me to be a child with a humble heart

. A child that runs to a father for guidance and strenght and not of this world.

A child that clings always his mother and be a brother to everyone.

it was the longest prayer i had in my life. I cried and prayed for everyone.

prayed for my hurts, prayed for those who left us in this world, prayed for all who are sufferings, …

Prayed for all the blessing and had time for thanking him.

But in those time i just kept my self in silence. Listening from my heart.

In my heart exploding i said. I love you Jesus. keep me in your heart. Forgive me Lord.

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