He is present here before, today and the years to come.

The miracle that Jesus did is still happening in our life, we just need to believe.

We are now in the same Holy place where the apostles recieved numerous gift of the Holy Spirit .

There is a reason for everything.

As of this time I am still trying to reflect and decern what the Lord is asking me to do in this world.

Sinner as I am, I still seek prayers for my redemption.

Should the Lord once again pass this way to call me, i hope and pray that i would say Yes Lord i am here Lord.

i will go Lord where you lead me, i will hold you in my heart.

almost 8 pm i am here sitting at the black stone chair contemplating.

How could i reach you Lord.

Heart in your heart God said in my heart


i am sitting here near your body was laid down.

it makes me angry about myself for not being able to do your will inspite of the things that He did for me.

Dying from the cross

Praying from my heart at the Holy Sepulcher 2017

i bow down and talk to the Lord asking for forgiveness and redemtion for all my sins. Asking our Lord to truly change me and to transform me to be a child with a humble heart. A child that runs to a father for guidance and strenght and not of this world. A child that clings always his mother and be a brother to everyone.

it was the longest prayer i had in my life. I cried and prayed for everyone.

prayed for my hurts, prayed for those who left us in this world, prayed for all who are sufferings, …

Prayed for all the blessing and had time for thanking him.

But in those time i just kept my self in silence. Listening from my heart.

In my heart exploding i said. I love you Jesus. keep me in your heart. Forgive me Lord.

Walking Towards Jesus

I wish we are all in one page. walking towards Jesus.

As I sin I can’t see the light.

More happy to see Jesus,

the Light than anything else in this world.

We are save when we walk towards Him, the Light of the world

I love you Jesus. My light and my salvation.

Lord as I wake up, let me always see you.

As we walk in this life. He is always there watching us. Guiding us towards Him.

Together as one, we walk towards Him.

When we walk in life, let Him be our light.

Bright future ahead of us when we walk toward Christ, the light of this world.

Papa Jesus, please save me. Let me see your light always

Right path towards Christ is the only way to true happiness

I am happy because I know you are always there watching me. Lifting me up when I am down. Helping me go in the right direction. Thank you Jesus

As we walk in this life, God will always see us in our hearts.

Only with peace that we could see the Light.

It’s lighter to walk towards God when we are without garbage. Anger, Hate, Addiction, Resentment, Unresolved Hurts, Frustrations, Pride, Unforgiving, Jealousy. . . . Sin. He died in the Cross to save us to remove this Garbage. Seek Him by confession He is waiting for us to replace this with Love.

Spiritual Journey is not about time we spent in this world, but the time we spend our life helping people.

Hope to be worthy till the end of time.

first friday

I ask, do you remember the name of the Priest and this was her reply. Father Faraon. i googled it and send her the picture

and send another message


I remember the Priest directed it towards the people, from the left and suddendly I saw people sobbing and crying. When it was shown toward my direction. It hit my inner heart. I started to cry. Looking at the Eucharist, I know God was there talking to me. I sob so much and ask for His forgiveness. Being sorry for neglecting Him.

This is how it looks

That was in the late 90’s i was a

legislative staff of Makati and represented the City in environmental program like Pasig River Rehabiltation project and was invited to talk about youth and environment.

I was send to different Asean countries for environmental cause. It’s all about me and my work.

Prior to that in the late 80’s i almost left the catholic church because of so much politics in the pulpit.

This event of witnessing God’s love from the Holy Eucharist gave me a new direction in life.

I attended a life in the Spirit Seminar in the National Shrine of the Sacred heart. I became active in church and the community.

There was an event in our church, blessing of the relic of St Mary Of our child Jesus and our Cardinal Sin was invited. as our Bishop Tom Yalung was to start the ceremony. He called me among the crowd to hold the Holy Water.

Before my transformation i really hate this Bishop. i call him Cardinal Mortal Sin but the Lord show me a very strong message of reconciliation and transformation.

This very moment i told my self God is so real. I will never leave our church and will be His protector